WPX Hosting Review – My honest review (2020)

Keeping your website up to date is a key factor in maintaining your visitors constantly interested in the content provided while caring for a high level of security. New information, interesting facts and astonishing designs are other parameters known to determine the degree of success of any website (with either few years of activity behind or finding itself just as a proof of concept).

However, the most important key factor in evaluating any website is by far the loading speed. Being one of the most debated aspects in website’s building variables, it has been shown that faster websites lead to better conversion rates. It means that you are able to gain both more visits and visitors, as well as an increased number of subscribers and people who are open to follow certain links, decide to buy various products and engage on other action (or activities) on your website.

And this is the main point of creating a website all from scratch. Whether you already have a website all set up (or finf yourself at the mere beginning), there are always useful tips and tricks to help you get going and improve the general outcome. Various products and services are also welcoming, and one of them seems to be the WPX Hosting – of which we will learn more through the present article. These being said, in case you are looking forward to discovering more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!

What is a WordPress web hosting?

Technically speaking, a web hosting is known as the place where a website is stored on the Internet. Only with it, can your website be up and running while being accessed by various visitors online.

On a website hosting, you can store anything from data, information, media files and additional content that are actually building up your online presence. While the number and type of uploaded files increases, you will easily stumble upon the need for a larger disk space related to website hosting. That’s totally understandable though, since more files require more room. In addition to this, the web hosting keeps an eye on the technology which is used to set up the rightful connection to link the website to the Internet.

Many WordPress web hosting alternatives come with numerous features. One of the greatest ones is FTP (File Transfer Protocol), through which a user can upload any files from a computer to the web hosting service requiring no more than a click.

By using a web hosting, your visitors are able to access the content found on your website with nothing more than your domain name. In addition, a great choice of web hosting can even improve the load time required for your website to load properly, especially in case it is created using the WordPress CMS. While being part in the eCommerce marketplace, speed is a highly important factor in determining the impact you will be having on search ranking.

Some of the trustworthy and all-time used aspects in spotting a great web hosting alternative are reliability and flawless customer services. These two are meant to be perfectly measured from various tests and reviews conducted online, to know from the very beginning if the requested money are all worth for.

Choosing the right WordPress web hosting option might be rather a burden for some time. With such a wide variety on the market, knowing which one would perfectly fit is hard to tell from a few lines. That’s why we have decided to tackle today about one of the most common choices for speed improvement, known as WPX Hosting.

Why is a web host important?

Improving the speed of your website is vital. On the one hand, a high loading speed is meant to help you gain and maintain a large number of visitors. This is meant to provide you with a better Google ranking and a low bounce rate. On the other hand, a website that takes ages to load completely seems to be rather outdated and not interesting for the long term.

According to Google, the speed of any website is now a factor in setting up the formula upon which the search ranking is being calculated. 3 seconds + in load time has been shown to increase the bounce rate to 57%. It means that your not-so-called visitors will leave your website in a minute and switch to one that do not require so much from their valuable time to pass in order to display everything on the right path.

Out of the 57%, 80% will always choose a different website than yours when thinking which one to visit. And this is because of the negative experience they have just gone through.

What’s worse, 40% of these people are actually glad to share with their network their personal experience. Since they decided to leave in less than 3 seconds, the odds are for the story to be put in a rather unfavorable light.

The same principle applies for eCommerce websites. In case you are selling services, products or own files which can be downloaded from your website, there are some facts which might be of interest to you. According to Walmart, a slight change in load time from 1 to 4 seconds resulted in a low percentage of conversions. As they improved the load time with one second, they noticed an increase within the conversion rate of 2%.

And the list of proper research, facts and deals on the matter is way too long to be discussed in here. However, the number of improvements in conversion rates has also been documented by Firefox, which observed a 15.4% increase in downloads with a load time reduced by only 2.2 seconds.

What is WPX Hosting?

Made available in 2013 under the name of Traffic Planet Hosting, WPX Hosting has been created by Terry Kyle with years in activity starting with 1998. Throughout this time, he managed to gain useful insight into customers’ needs, possible solutions and valuable forecasts over the future problems.

One of the most common WordPress category of themes (known as Thrive Themes) recognize WPX Hosting as their main recommendation for anyone running a website.

Some of the main principles onto which WPX Hosting is being constructed upon is a fast website speed and around-the-clock support. Aside from being practical featuring a limited loading time, a technical team is 24/7 available to solve any issue a user might stumble upon.

However, WPX Hosting stands out due to its key features, some of which we will be tackle upon the following lines.

Uncovering the features of WPX Hosting

Technically speaking, a functional web host comes with a high improvement in website speed and loading times. The differences between the standard options are being made based on the features each solution comes with. WPX Hosting is one of these ones, having numerous features which should be considered.

According to Matthew Woodward and his review , out of 12 fastest WordPress hosting options found on the market today, WPX Hosting took the crown. The results obtained during various load speed tests and the high performance it seemed to offer while analyzing user experience were two of the most important factors in keeping the score.

• Spotting results of the WPX Hosting Speed Test

Instead of heading right towards the advantages offered by WPX Hosting, knowing how fast it is might lead to interesting results.

A quick speed test, conducted on the all time favourite Avada WordPress theme indicates that the WPX Hosting made it possible for the website to load completely in 1.97 seconds. This result has been compared with the one provided by a budget share hosting, with a load time of 3.60 seconds.

Seen from a realistic perspective, the outcome is quite impressive. There is an improvement of about 45% in website speed which has also been noted in GTmetrix and Google Page Speed Insights’ results.

Moreover, these enhancements are known to lead to better conversion rates, improved user experience and appealing insights. However, there’s something more WPX Hosting really has to offer. Let’s have a sneak peek on that, shall we?

• Daily backups of your WordPress website provided by WPX Hosting

Within the package, WPX Hosting includes a set of key features and making a back up of your website each and every day is part of that. Since security is key in providing flawless services, products and useful content, you can gain your reputation by investing into your website. According to the WPX Hosting’s benefits that are currently provided, all the files that are backed up are further stored on a different server for a period as long as 14 days.

All the files found on your website can be uploaded, on request, to a personal backup solution. In here we include the BackupBuddy plugin or BackWPup which are specially designed to handle the storage of your files.

Nevertheless, in case you would like to get rid of this aspect, you can let WPX Hosting manage the daily backup by choosing its package.

• Migration service – how much does it cost with WPX Hosting?

There are no costs in migrating from a web host to the other with WPX Hosting. Owning a website does not stop you from using this option. To replace your actual web host with a different one, you can either choose to do it manually (by using various tools and plugins) or go for the automatic feature which some of the web host providers come from.

WPX Hosting is one of them, making the process of migration totally straightforward. In less than 24 hours, your website will have a brand new web host aimed at significantly improving your website speed.

As soon as the process has been completed, a mail is being sent to the website’s owner.

• More about the email service provided by WPX Hosting

Regardless of the chosen plan provided by WPX Hosting, each new user obtains email. With it, you can both send and receive mails through the address that is being linked with the domain name of your website.

During the email setup, you can either use the same email address or decide to forward the mails to another address – Yahoo, Gmail or any other account that fits you best. Whenever you feel like, you can use webmail, through Outlook, Google Apps and more to access your emails.

• Looking into the WPX Hosting’s Management Dashboard

By far, WPX Hosting comes with a user-friendly graphical interface to help any user get going. As soon as you purchased a plan, you can begin your website’s general setup.

The WPX Hosting dashboard is intuitive enough to guide you towards spotting the account details, services, emails, websites and even previously opened support tickers. Moreover, there is an impressive disk space management and bandwidth usage made available which you can adjust to fit your needs.

• Access to FTP and SFTP with WPX Hosting

By using WPX Hosting, you can access your files either through the client area dashboard or right via FTP and SFTP. The two protocols are able to maintain a secured environment for uploading various files related to themes and plugins using nothing more than a client, just like FileZilla.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is also employed, in here, to both upload and download documents, media files and some of various other categories on the server.

• Around-the-clock technical support provided by WPX Hosting: checked

Nothing feels better when dealing with a technical problem than someone who can give you a hand right on time. WPX Hosting features a 24/7/365 support, through a live chat service. It is employed for texts and comes also with a ticketing system which makes everything both easier and faster.

Aside from the live chat, there is also an online knowledge base which is constantly updated with solutions to different issues noticed by the WPX Hosting’s users. This come right in handy for the vast majority of users, since they get their answers in an independent manner.

How is the real user experience of a website featuring the WPX Hosting option?

Knowing if the money really pays off is a risky business with WordPress solutions. However, looking into the matter for a longer period of time and acquiring the necessary information might lead you to the outcome expected – which, in our case, is to find the best web host alternative.

When it comes to WPX Hosting, the user experience is a highly important factor that is constantly improved. To give you a better image and understanding over the matter, let’s see how it feels like to sign up, create an account, login and further launch the brand new website after migrating to WPX Hosting.

• The Sign Up Process on WPX Hosting

Right after you have made your choice between the available WPX Hosting plans (better detailed later in the present review), it’s time to sign up on the new web host. To do so, there are two methods based on your website’s creation time, as follows:

• For a new website – a new domain name will be required in order to be registered further. However, with WPX Hosting the process is fast and will be finished in no time.

• For an existing website – you will need to add all of the required details, including the domain name and hit CONTINUE. This option should take a bit longer than the previous one, since it takes up to 24 hours to validate the migration process.

• Method Used to Access the Client Area on WPX Hosting

Having a general overview on the resources your website is currently using is vital from various reason. One of them is linked with pricing, which can be monitored in the client area (also known as dashboard). From here, you can activate or cancel a service, known the registration dates, identifying the recurring amount and notice some additional general stats related to your website.

Moreover, this is the place you need to visit in order to configure your account.

• How to Install WordPress or Migrate an Existing Website on WPX Hosting

The best way to understand how WPX Hosting works starts from the following question: will your new web host (WPX Hosting) use an already registered website or a brand new domain? Departing from your answer to this, you can do the following:
◦ WPX Hosting on new websites – requires WordPress to be installed right on the server space before starting to take advantage of the new web host;
◦ WPX Hosting on existing websites – requires a free migration request in order to have everything perfectly organized. The submitting process is free and further handled by the support team.

WPX Hosting’s users, who are new to WordPress, have a great shortcut designed by the web hosts’ developers to access the CMS easier. Everything is done through a single click of a button saying Install WordPress. Right after you have accessed it, you will be redirected to a new link where an email address is required. It’s recommended to use your personal one and hit INSTALL.

In less than a minute, WordPress will be installed and perfectly set to be used for a long period of time. However, before running your new website, few additional details related to it are requested, such as: site title, language used and both the username and password which you will use from now on to log into the CMS you have just installed.

Fortunately though, WPX Hosting keeps a clean format when it comes to WordPress. No other themes, plugins or widgets are employed by default, which makes it possible for the users to accessorize it just the way they want to.

The only options that come within any of the plans provided by WPX Hosting are basic plugins just like Hello Dolly and Akismet. Coupled with these ones, you will find the fundamental WordPress theme running the last version. This is great news, since a plain dashboard can help you organize your website better.

• Insert Extra Domains or Subdomains with WPX Hosting

By default, the pricing plans provided by WPX Hosting come with the possibility of having more WordPress websites which can employ the WPX web host by purchasing a single package. This is definitely a great investment of both money and time.

Having more websites of your own to manage at the same time is not a requirement to employ WPX Hosting. You can use one plan for a single website, but it’s always rewarding to know it can be used for other domains – and even subdomains. If your website is https://thisisawebsite.com, you can create a subdomain (like https://subdomain.thisisawebsite.com) and use WPX Hosting as its web host. From here on, you can install WordPress (as previously detailed) and you’re good to manage both of them.

• How to Manage Email on WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting offers various plans with various features. A common one to all of the available packages is email support. It can be done in a blink of an eye, requesting no more than the email name, your real name, alias, preferred quota and an email to which you can forward all of the mails.

The entire process is a piece of cake even for newbies, so don’t worry if you have not worked with a web host or a CMS like WordPress before. WPX Hosting makes the learning curve be set in your favour, with tips and tricks while using a rather intuitive approach.

Moreover, switching from a different web host to WPX Hosting is also achievable in less than 24 hours. You can do it for free, with no stress whatsoever.

Pricing Plans for WPX Hosting

Coming with a professional design and user experience, WPX Hosting offers its services in up to three available pricing plans, known as: Business – $24,99 per month (suitable for a small website or a blog), Professional – $49,99 per month (the most common package among users) and Elite – $99,00 per month (also known as the power user suite).
• Common features among all three pricing plans offered by WPX Hosting – tier 1 connectivity, dedicated RAM, DoS & DDoS Protection (using Incapsula, strongly required for a high level of website security), SSD Server, Application Firewall (generates a filter to clock bad actors from accessing your websites), free malware removal and Opcode Caching;
• Different features between all three pricing plans offered by WPX Hosting – number of websites upon which the web host can be applied, disk space in GB and available bandwidth for use in GB.

With only the mere purchase of the entry level provided by WPX Hosting (known as Business), you get the possibility of hosting between one and five websites. This is the perfect deal, especially if you aim to host the superior limit. With up to five websites running, paying $24,99 for website hosting per month is definitely affordable.
However, there’s also the option to pay for the web host annually. This leads to a great price reduction and less money paid monthly for the same services.

The 30-day trial is another feature WPX Hosting offers to all of its present or future clients. If you want to try it out and see how it works but wish to rather keep your money in your pockets before knowing what it is all about, you can try it for free for a month. The trial is risk-free and makes it possible for you to have a deeper knowledge of its utility and features.

Should you go for WPX Hosting?

Apart from having numerous features as a web host, WPX Hosting seems to have made the top in various researches conducted online.

WPX Hosting is worldwide known as being the only web host on the market which comes with both a cleanup and website restoration for free, in case a website is being hacked. Technically speaking, a user has to watch over the username and password related to its WordPress and the rest should be handled by WPX Hosting. This will help you make sure that everything else related to your website is safe and sound.

To help you get a better understanding over the issue, here’s a list of benefits WPX Hosting provides any website with (researched and tested):

1. New percent of your website’s uptime with WPX Hosting: 99,95%

An increased bounce rate equals an increased number of visitors who leave your website before the page has even loaded. Once a visitor is gone, he might also be gone for good. WPX Hosting guarantees a 99.95% uptime, which should mean that your website will load on time at any given try.

2. Flawless customer service provided by WPX Hosting (up to 28 seconds to reply)

By default, a web host is a technical investment which is prone to help you get rid of website problems. Looking for a better hosting solution should be another reason why obtaining flawless services might be on the line.

Tested on clock, the customer service provided by WPX Hosting (said to be 24/7) replied in no more than 28 seconds via live chat. This aspect is vital, since technical problems always arise when dealing with the management of a website. And knowing all the solutions to all of the issues might be exactly what we are paying for in one of the pricing plans offered by WPX Hosting.

You can handle with them any aspect related to a plugin, widget, theme or coding issue, at any time of day or night. This might be an important factor that has contributed to rating the web host as being one of the most trusted on the web, according to TrustPilot.

3. High level of security offered by WPX Hosting

Compared to the other web host providers on the market, WPX Hosting makes sure your website is safe and sound. It has invested a lot into cyber solutions, keeping bad actors away from any website they host.

One of the key features WPX Hosting comes with is the SSL certificate which is unlimited and provided free-of-charge for any user. It is installed and then activated in less than 2 minutes right onto your website. Any SSL certificate is used to increase the level of security of a website, as well as to check one of the main Google requirements in order to enable extra authenticity. These being said, WPX Hosting seems a great pick to make sure your website is not being hacked any time soon.

WPX Hosting run-through

Aside from having only three pricing plans, WPX Hosting seems to be less expensive than its competitors on the market. However, the number of features and their quality is absolutely worth to be noticed.

You can try out WPX Hosting on your website for a free trial of 30 days. Starting from day one, your website is ought to benefit from a high level of security, daily backups, and scans and a default website cleanup and restoration in case a hacking attempt is successful.

All of these available features are meant to help any user avoid a lot of mistakes most of the users are tricked into doing. Nothing is worse for a website than a weak web host which comes with services that are of low quality.

So if you’re looking for a new web host to help your website grow and meet your visitors’ expectations, WPX Hosting might be exactly what you need.

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