12 Social Media Sharing Button Plugins for WordPress (2020)

A high traffic has always been linked to a qualitative and impactful content which, in turn, increases a website’s overall reputation and ranking. As expected, there are various methods through which one can do that, obtaining a different level of success depending on the specific period of time we are living in. A few years ago, when the only subscription method was known as RSS, things were a bit trickier – as a website owner, you’d have to persuade visitors into checking your website and making them to willingly subscribe, this being the highest possibility to assure yourself of a second visit. This, in turn, would generate a higher traffic rate, and so the entire process would go even further.

However, we’re living in a far different world in 2019 and 2020. RSS is far from being used anymore, while its place has been taken up by various social media platforms. They are intuitive, attractive and have even more features to cope with. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to meet our top 12 social media sharing button plugins for WordPress in 2020!

What is a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress?

In short, it is a revolution. According to a recent study conducted by most of the social media giants, the second best source of traffic generated for a website is indeed, social media. And it is quite logical. Nowadays, all platforms starting from Facebook, Instagram and heading towards Twitter (as being just a slight part of how many there are to be used) have been widely appreciated due to their massive advantage of attracting visitors. And the number of visits is fastly increasing.

But why? Well, the answer is plain and simple. Social media has changed the perspective of both the website and the website owner, since it shortens the distance between him and the visitors. This is ought to improve the satisfaction on both sides, since people perceive the person behind as a natural human being. And this is good for business.

By definition, a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress is a tool specially designed to enhance the connection between a website and a visitor. Since it implies either/both liking the official page or/and sharing a certain post on the visitor’s personal account, you are one step closer to strengthen the linkage. By this way, he or she lets your content be present into his or her own life and let’s face it – that’s pretty private.

However, regardless of how fancy this might sound, these days the market is simply filled with hundreds of plugins that do quite the same thing. Thus, making the right choice might feel rather overwhelming if the alternatives are not rightfully looked up. But that’s why the following lines are ought to come in handy.

How does a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress work?

Nothing is as easy as installing a plugin for WordPress. When it is related to a social media sharing button, however, things are even simpler than before. And we’ll show you how.

Once installed, a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress has multiple platforms used to display a website, a page or a post (usually, the links to them). This happens automatically as soon as one of the buttons is being clicked on. As expected, there are various social media sharing button plugins for WordPress from which you can choose the ones you want.

The best thing about that is the fast connection to the rather private space of a visitor. Not only is it versatile, but it is also flexible, making it possible to eliminate one of the buttons whenever you wish to. Speaking of, it is highly recommended for you to create some official pages related to your website on each of the social media platforms to try out the entire experience.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of using a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress?

There are quite many, from both parts. This is usually due to the fact that social media is important these days (probably the most important), still it might be quite overwhelming for some of the website’s parameters – to be quite honest, some are prone to impact your website’s overall reputation, bounce rate, metrics and others.

On the one hand, having a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress is bliss. Statistically, it has been shown that websites which have used this tool are twice as more visited than the counterparts, which have none of the sharing buttons upon their interface. Bringing in a short calculation, we can clearly note that having a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress is advantageous. It brings us high traffic.

On the other hand, just like any other plugin or widget, such a tool burns off some important internal resources. Once installed, it is expected to have a higher page loading time, since more details have to be displayed perfectly before being publicly exposed. Still, this requires some additional seconds next to those already requested, which interferes with the wellness of our website.

According to a Google study, 53% among mobile visitors drop off a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your website already hosts a round number of plugins, you might want to test your metrics using tools such as GTmetrix to see where you stand. Because plugins are indeed created and available to be used, yet if not matched properly, you’ll have to reconsider the right method you choose – various plugins ask for various mixes and match.

Besides that, another trick we got for you is the impact sharing the total number of likes or shares on different social media platforms has. Apparently, by doing that, you’ll get even more popularity, yet each of these numbers imply additional loading times to the present high load time. Thus, beware how to mix and match the right tools and features for the proper outcome.

Which are the best social media sharing button plugins for WordPress?

Thankfully, the list of social media sharing button plugins for WordPress is far from being short. It has numerous choices, starting with the most primitive ones and getting to the high-end tools you’ll definitely take advantage of if you pay the right price. However, the most important aspects in making your choice should be the load time, ease of use and appearance.
For this inquiry, we have managed to put up a list with the best 12 best social media sharing button plugins for WordPress, from which you can choose the ones that suit your website best – but not without being properly informed. Let’s start:

1. Monarch (Plugin Review Here)

Installs: 1,000,000+ | Rating: 4.6/5 stars

As being by far one of the most downloaded social media plugins for WordPress, Monarch gives the possibility of using a great tool for daily use in social media terms. With it, you can let both your website and your content be displayed through more than 20 social media buttons which, in turn, will boost your website’s traffic, overall impact and nonetheless, its reputation. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Google Plus, Amazon, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo and Facebook are just a tiny part of what Monarch comes with – and trust me, you’ll definitely love the result. And here’s why:

— Highlights:

• Comes with a user-friendly interface which is highly intuitive and fruitful;
• Follows a step-by-step approach;
• Assures the website owner of some of the best designed social media sharing buttons;
• Has additional features, such as placing the sharing buttons either above or below the content;
• Can even generate them as being perceived in a floating sidebar;
• Might make the sharing buttons appear as an automatic pop-up;
• Images and videos can have the icons embedded;
• Monarch can display the sharing buttons within a fly-in box.

— Pricing:

• Monarch can be accessed by purchasing a membership plan of yearly access at the price of $89 or being granted the lifetime access for about $249 one time.
By acquiring any of the two package options just presented, you will be granted access to other WordPress themes and plugins, such as Bloom, Divi and Extra, as well as updates to any product and the best support categorised as premium. Moreover, you’ll get unlimited website usage and a high number of website packs. That’s a pretty nice price you have to pay for what you get.

2. Easy Social Share Buttons

Installs: 700,000+ | Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Starting with 2013, Easy Social Share Buttons has been skyrocketing and improving as days went by. This happened due to the fact that the owners of this social media sharing button plugin for WordPress decided to invest time, effort and money into it, until something really nice came alive.

And this is, yet again, the main reason why it remained the best-selling plugin of this type found on CodeCanyon. Of course, the appealing price might be indeed one of the reasons behind.

However, Easy Social Share Buttons makes a great choice mainly due to its impressive features. Having more than 50 social media networks available, it provides almost all the social media sharing buttons found online – and the most popular ones are the first by default. There are also over 30 positions concerning the place where you can have them, as each choice will be made upon your will.

Some of these places are floating bars, pop-ups, and fly-ins and could be triggered at any time by occurrences like the amount of time spent for each person on a page, the decision to buy an item or the point at which a visitor continued (or stopped) to scroll down a page.

Easy Social Share Buttons has even obtained the rank of Performance Approved from WP Rocket, explaining how great it can be used without interfering with the overall website performance.

You should definitely consider it every once in a why, and here’s why, at a glance:

— Highlights:

• It’s a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress whose usage has constantly improved since 2013;
• Known as the best-selling plugin of this type until now – on CodeCanyon;
• Great features and performance for its price;
• Comes with over 50 social media sharing buttons;
• Has various displaying positions, from pop-ups to floating bars, fly-ins or different triggers.

— Pricing:

• The price for getting the Easy Social Share Buttons is $20 and turns it into an affordable tool to have on your website. It is expected to increase your traffic and help your website bloom.

3. Social Warfare

Installs: 60,000+ | Rating: 3.6/5 stars

Make your social media sharing buttons be always seen and noticed using the Social Warfare WordPress plugin. This great tool comes in either a free or a paid version, having fewer features in the first one and more in the latter one. Even so, both of them are interesting enough to have them for a discussion.

The Social Warfare WordPress plugin’s free version comes with up to six supported networks, such as LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. With this, you’ll get three free plugin positions, respectively two above and below the content area (separately) or at the same time.

It also features a nice touch, using a WordPress widget related to the most popular posts which maintains a list of all the articles that enter this category together with a number related to how many times each of them has been shared.
Speaking about the paid version (also known as the pro one), you’ll get the same features found in the free version together with a bunch of other social media sharing buttons, another pin button specially crafted for images and nonetheless, the possibility of managing the way your content is being shown to the outside world through the Open Graph protocol. Here’s all you need to know about Social Warfare, in a nutshell:

— Highlights:

• User-friendly and intuitive;
• Comes with bigger social media sharing buttons, making them easier to be spotted;
• Provides the popular posts WordPress widget.

— Pricing:

• Social Warfare has a free version (that is intuitively free-of-charge) and a pro license, with different prices: $29 for one website, $89 for 5 websites, $139 for 10 websites and $349 for countless websites.

4. Jetpack

Installs: 5,000,000+ | Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Nothing makes having and managing a social media sharing button plugin for WordPress easier than Jetpack. As being one of the simplest tools of this kind, it’s important to mention the fact that it has been installed for over 5 million times, turning it into a go-for no matter what.

Jetpack has various methods to help you attract the right visitors and persuade them into sharing your content. You can either present a message followed by all the social media icons, display only the social media buttons or just the message whatsoever. However, bear in mind that displaying the total number of shares is expected to slow down your load time which, in turn, might affect your overall reputation. Yet, keeping your sharing links only through text will not increase the time required for page or website loading.

Even though it is plain and simple, with few features at hand, Jetpack is a nice touch on the long run. Let’s recap:

— Highlights:

• Has been downloaded and installed for over 5 million times until now;
• Comes with a reasonable number of social media sharing buttons;
• Provides three displaying methods;
• It’s quick and easy to use.

— Pricing:

• Jetpack can be yours free-of-charge.

5. Social Pug

Installs: 100,000+ | Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Having as many social media sharing button plugins for WordPress has never been as satisfying as now. Social Pug makes the top of it with its three types of icons from which you can make your pick, such as round, circular or rectangular. This is indeed a nice feature hard to find at different plugins created for the same purpose and able to be used even in the free version.

Also in the free version of Social Pug you’ll find up to five social media sharing buttons linked to five different networks, known as: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Moreover, it features up to three positions, respectively above or below the content area and as a floating sidebar on each side of the page.

The pro version, however, introduces up to 11 more sharing buttons to the package. It also features email and print. You’ll also get the possibility of displaying any sharing button through a pop-up, on a certain trigger. Moreover, it features support for Google Analytics, which is huge, and Bitly as well. Keep an eye on the following lines to get the proper information on Social Pug:

— Highlights:

• Provides up to three social media button forms: rectangular, circular and round;
• The free version features five social media buttons: Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter;
• The free version comes up with three positions: above the content area, below it and as a floating sidebar;
• In the pro version you’ll get 11 more sharing buttons, email, print, triggers and support for Google Analytics and Bitly.

— Pricing:

• Social Pug has a free version and a pro one which starts at $29 (one website), going up to $59 (five websites) and ending at $129 (countless websites).

6. Social Snap

Installs: 100,000+ | Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Meet one of the user-friendliest social media sharing button plugins for WordPress, known as Social Snap. This incredible tool is meticulously designed to increase your website’s traffic, by using the social media’s advantages and not only the search engine traffic.

What’s new about Social Snap is the auto-scheduling feature. It is always up to date with everything that happens within your website, generating interesting reports with advanced analytics and making your old posts bloom. Moreover, you can always manage how your posts are being seen, presented and regarded on various social networks, in such a way to enhance your SEO and visitor’s engagement.

Social Snap has more than 30 social media sharing buttons available, able to be introduced after each and every single one of your posts. But not to forget, it is all about:

— Highlights:

• Provides a user-friendly interface that is extremely intuitive and well-detailed;
• Has over 30 social media sharing buttons available to be loaded onto your pages;
• Comes with advanced analytics and properly crafted reports on your website’s insights.

— Pricing:

• Social Snap has no free version. The general price (without any offers being applied) for the plus version is $39 per year, pro version is $99 per year, while the agency version requires $299 yearly. Important to mention in here is the fact that you can get your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with its features.

7. Swifty Bar

Installs: 50,000+ | Rating: 4.2/5 stars

This might be a little tricky to you, since Swifty Bar is quite a full package tool to use for a long period of time. Its features are quite unique and might impact the time length spent by your visitors – in good.

Swifty Bar comes with a bunch of useful stuff. Once installed, it displays the category that the post is part of, together with its title and the name of the author. The amazing feature in here is the estimated time related to the entire process of reading the article. To get this number, a simple calculation is being made by the total number of words the article has and the percentage of it that can be read by a visitor, by estimation. Of course, the number of minutes can be modified within the settings area.

The social media sharing buttons provided by Swifty Bar are to be found on the right sidebar, up to five of them: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Moreover, you’ll get some nice buttons for post navigations, perfectly designed to swipe from one article to the other. This tip is highly useful if you want to increase the time your visitors spend on your website.

There’s also a blue line which keeps track on your visitor’s scrolling on the website. Basically, they’ll constantly know how far the end of the article is. In addition, Swifty Bar is mobile optimized, so don’t you worry about the appearance on other devices. Here’s what you need to know:

— Highlights:

• Features the estimated time for reading each single one of your articles;
• Comes up with five social media sharing buttons: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter;
• Adds post navigation buttons to your website, on each article;
• Introduces a blue line displaying the total progress of a visitor on a web page.

— Pricing:

• Swifty Bar is completely free-of-charge.

8. Ultimate Social

Installs: 200,000+ | Rating: 4.9/5 stars

Turned from Ultimate Social Deux into Ultimate Social, this fancy social media sharing button plugin for WordPress makes a great catch for a stylish website. It comes up with 8 different types of displaying the icons, with the possibility of changing their color.

From the position perspective, Ultimate Social shares its social media icons either below or above the content. Moreover, they can be placed on the left sidebar or at the top.

This plugin comes with 25 social media sharing buttons, together with the possibility of being integrated with Google Analytics. Check out the following:

— Highlights:

• Makes a perfect match for a stylish website;
• Has more than eight styles of sharing buttons;
• Provides the ability to change their color upon the website owner’s wish;
• Able to share the social media sharing buttons both below and above the content;
• Easy to use and extremely intuitive;

— Pricing:

• In order to be purchased, Ultimate Social requires $20.

9. Kiwi Social Share

Installs: 20,000+ | Rating: 4.1/5 stars

One nice touch in setting up your website’s plugins is Kiwi Social Share. This lovely designed social media sharing button plugin for WordPress is handy enough to share the desired social icons both above and below the content. Another place for this inquiry is as a floating sidebar, in either side you want.

Kiwi Social Share has both a free and a premium version. The free one provides six social network icons, starting with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Flint and ending up with Pinterest. You also get different button shapes for paying nothing. In addition, support for Google Analytics is freely provided.

What’s interesting in the paid version of the Kiwi Social Share regards the additional social media sharing icons. Here you’ll get WhatsApp, Reddit, Skype, Email, Mix and Telegram. Also, the color palette is fuller and even more enchanting. Here’s a recap:

— Highlights:

• Easy to handle and user-friendly;
• The free version provides five social media sharing buttons;
• The premium version adds up to 6 other buttons.

— Pricing:

• Kiwi Social Share can be downloaded for free or purchased for $29 (the pro license for a single website). The price goes up to $79 for three websites and ends at $99 for unlimited number of websites.

10. Social Sharing by Danny

Installs: 10,000+ | Rating: 5/5 stars

Keep your website simple and intuitive while using one of the most basic social media sharing button plugins for WordPress on the market. This one is called Social Sharing by Danny and features a set of four of them, starting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and not forgetting about the worldwide renowned Google+. They are easy to be shared at the end of each one of your posts, pages and media.

Your social buttons can have different sizes, upon your wish, by choosing among the following: 16×16 pixels, 32×32 pixels and 64×64 pixels. Depending on your choice, you’ll see a change in the load time required for completely displaying the entire page. Still, a set of buttons that are too small might impact the overall willingness of people to share your post, so beware.

However, Social Sharing by Danny remains a quick and simple choice for the long run, especially if you want something that is not too complicated. Here’s why:

— Highlights:

• Provides four major social media sharing buttons;
• Comes with the possibility of changing the icon size using one of the three available dimensions;
• Is intuitive and easy to handle.

— Pricing:

• Social Sharing by Danny is free-of-charge for anyone wishing to use it.

11. MashShare

Installs: 60,000+ | Rating: 4.9/5 stars

With over 200.000 active installations until today, MashShare turns into a real bliss. It is free-of-charge, intuitive, clear and tells you exactly what you have to do, without having to read about that anywhere at all.
The free version though offers only two social network buttons, known as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, it features the email service, so that’s a plus. Yet, the entire experience is well-regarded during the premium version, where you get some fine features. Here’s what you need to know:

— Highlights:

• Is extremely popular among the social media sharing button plugins for WordPress, with over 200,000 active installations only until 2019;
• Has a clear intuitive process to follow, which makes it a user-friendly tool.

— Pricing:

• MashShare comes with four-type plan from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Of course, all of them come with a cost (literally), except from the free version we have already discussed about. The personal license features a single site and costs €39, having only 8 add-ons included (and no videos). The business one is perfect for 5 websites and requires €119 to be paid, for 12 add-ons included (and also video add-on included). The pro version is perfect for unlimited sites, for a price of €199 and one year of updates and support. It has 12 add-ons included and also video add-on included. The last but not least is the Ultimate package, for unlimited sites at a price of €339. It has updates and support for a lifetime and also 12 add-ons included (and video add-on included).

12. Simple Social Buttons

Installs: 40,000+ | Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Improve your website’s appearance and chances of obtaining a better traffic using Simple Social Buttons. As one of the most big-hearted social media sharing button plugins for WordPress, this one comes with more than 12 social network icons. Further, they can be places either below or above the content, or, whenever desired, on the floating sidebar.
There are also some icon designs available, giving you the possibility of choosing the manner in which buttons should be presented – either in categories, tag pages, search result pages or archives. Moreover, filtering is as well possible through post types.

But this is what the free version of Simple Social Buttons is all about. The premium one provides a wider spectrum of icon display possibilities, such as pop-ups, fly-in boxes and in media. In addition, you’ll also get color customisation. In a nutshell, Simple Social Buttons is:

— Highlights:

• More exquisite yet easy to learn and quite intuitive;
• Provides up to 12 social media network icons only in the free version, together with three positions;
• In the premium version, you’ll get two additional positions.

— Pricing:

• Simple Social Buttons features a free version and the premium ones, starting at $19 (one website), going further to $99 (10 websites) and ending up at

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