Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors is extremely relevant to us. Whilst surfing SiteGuideNinja, we gather various information and conduct certain processes that run in the background. However, we want each step to be as transparent as possible. This is the reason why we stick to the following fundamental principles:

What is collected during your visit?

Throughout the time spent on SiteGuideNinja, the following information might be amassed to improve our reach:

• Visitors’ contact information. This includes email addresses;
• Visitors’ demographic information.

What is the accumulated information used for?

Nothing compares to finding a resource of information that has everything you’ve been looking all in the same place. This is indeed what we are looking forward to doing by understanding our visitors’ needs and wishes. We gather information for solving this inquiry, as well as for:

• Keeping an internal record that is up-to-date 24/7;
• Bettering the information provided, together with our future number of products and services;
• Sending promotional emails to our visitors with respect to releasing new products, thrilling services and irresistible offers;
• Setting up the website upon the interests and preferences of our visitors;
• Not to selling it to a third party.

Are there any security measures to protect the information that is being gathered?

Keeping a high level of data security is a general rule of thumb. Preventing unauthorized access or disclosure are two of our most influential purposes of action. While visiting SiteGuideNinja, you will stumble upon a series of trustworthy conducts aimed at securing the data that we collect online.

How are the cookies used?

Technically speaking, a cookie is a file of reduced dimensions which wishes to be copied upon your computer’s hard drive but not before it is granted permission. After providing it with the access, the cookie is added and further used to either analyse web traffic or load faster the website’s input (or both). By using cookies, web applications are able to reply to you and even adjust its actions upon the visitor’s requirements, preferences and dislikes, all through keeping a view on your previous choices.

The traffic log cookies is being employed to spot the pages which are currently used. SiteGuideNinja works with it to further analyse data on web page traffic. The result is a closer approach to the visitor’s needs and preferences. The only purpose behind using it is statistical analysis. Once it is being generated, the data is automatically erased from the system.

In the long run, cookies help us make our website better and tailored upon requests. We can thus identify which pages are more relevant to you and create more content that fits your needs.

However, there’s no such way as being granted access to any personal computer or private information through a cookie. We will only get what you decide to share with us.

At any given time, the choice to either accept or decline a cookie is in our visitors’ hands. Within the default option found in a vast majority of web browsers, cookies are automatically accepted. You can change that by looking into the browser settings and accept only the cookies you are cool with. Beware though, it might stop you from obtaining the full experience while surfing a website.

What’s with the links related to other websites?

On our website, you might find relevant and interesting links to other websites which are meant to offer you more information on a specific subject. However, once you are on the new website, your data is no longer in our responsibility. Each site has its own principles and privacy rules, and when you decide to leave our website, you should note that looking for data protection might remain in your own hands. This is a skill that can be easily acquired through caution exercising coupled with the spotting of privacy statements.

What happens if I drop a comment within an article found on the blog?

In case it attracts our attention, we might decide to display some of our visitors’ comments within other areas of SiteGuideNinja.

However, our visitors’ personal information will not be sold, showcased or leased to third parties. There are only two special situations in which we will do that: either upon gaining the specific visitor(s)’ permission or we are imposed to do so by law.

Our privacy policy is open for improvements. In case you have any proposals or recommendation, please send us an email.