Monarch Social Sharing Plugin Review

Social media is by far, one of the most important binders in today’s industries, between previous, actual and possible future customers. Nothing makes the interaction between the two more energetic and compelling. Prior to the social media’s emergent development, the easiest way of a business to reach possible customers was through advertising – those well-thought videos during a short period of time (usually seconds), specially designed to catch a viewer’s attention and hopefully persuade him into purchasing the product (or the service) advertised.

Fortunately though, things are way easier in today’s world. With the bare use of social media, one can create a powerful network of visitors, possible clients and customers and many more. And this makes wonders to a website of any kind, by using some great tools to help you get going. One of them is Monarch, one of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress. Yet, there has been made a total fuss about it – is it as good as everyone says? The answer to this question (and much more important information) you’ll find out by following the above-explained Monarch social sharing plugin review.

What is the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin?

Helping your website obtain a better traffic rate has never been easier compared to know. Monarch makes it even more appealing, due to its numerous features. It is flexible, intuitive, easy to use, proficient, and cooperative – you name it. Still, it requires proper knowledge in order to be used by the book.

Technically speaking, the Monarch social sharing plugin is a specially crafted tool for introducing the opportunity of sharing your content on social media platforms, also known as the fastest and most important method of gaining more subscribers – all voluntary. As we all know, your content, products or services might be looking and feeling flawless. Although you pay a great amount of time upon them, you’ll never get something in return if you don’t advertise it properly. And this is where the Monarch social sharing plugin for WordPress starts to get all the attention.

By definition, Monarch is online known as a standalone plugin. This is translated into a two-step process – first, you have to install it and afterwards, to simply activate it – and that’s it. In contrast with other SaaS solutions, that’s all you have to do to start using your social sharing plugin. Besides displaying a set of social media share buttons on your posts, pages and overall website, it also provides you with a bunch of social media follow buttons. But that’s not all.

Monarch also comes with some interesting features which are worth throwing an eye on it.

• Social Share Buttons of Monarch

Right after you managed to find and install Monarch among the wide list of WordPress plugins, you can start arranging your social network’s icons. There are loads to choose from and apart that, Monarch comes with five places where you can place them, respectively: sidebar, pop-up, fly-in, inline and media. By choosing the first option, you’ll have all of your newly share buttons in the sidebar (either left or right). The second option shows up right at the bottom while a visitor scrolls down the page and arrives at a certain point. The third one, known as inline, is applied upon a bunch of your actual media files (videos, images, GIFs etc.). Of course, there’s also the possibility of freely choosing the location, and all it takes is a simple click upon the tick symbols.

• Social Follow Buttons of Monarch

After setting up the social share buttons, it’s time to pay some attention to the social follow buttons of Monarch. The first impact is great – just like the share buttons, the follow ones are indeed appealing. Also, the installation and configuration processes are quite alike, so you won’t have to bother with new information. Here’s how:

• Quick setup – choose among the network list, include a link to your profile and maybe, manually, the number of followers;
• Automatic setup – add your API credentials and get your numbers to be fetched automatically.

You can always include new networks by looking into Monarch’s settings, right under Social Follow. You’ll stumble upon a vast number of over 35 possible network integrations, from which to make your picks. Still, the integration part is rather tricky. It depends mainly upon the chosen network, yet each and every single one of them comes with a user guide available online.

There are two ways in which you can share your follow buttons –either through a widget or a shortcode. Of course, setting up a widget is the most traditional manner, while the shortcode gets more daunting – it does not automatically apply only at the one you’re currently building. But you’ll get more different shortcodes to use on your site.

How does the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin work?

The entire process is rather simple to be followed. The Monarch social sharing plugin has an easy step-by-step ought to help any user get going. Yet, there’s something we have to remember about it, on the first hand.

The Monarch social sharing plugin is extremely popular. It is exquisite, user-friendly, and delightful and implies no burden to any on us. In short, it’s simple to work with it.

Right after its installation process (and the according load time) gets closer to zero, you will find it on your WordPress website’s dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to go to Tools and afterwards to click on Monarch Settings and see from there what you can actually do. And the list goes on.

Once following this path, you’ll stumble upon the social sharing and follow buttons, each one of the two categories having a specific configuration which has to be changed. It means that besides choosing which network buttons you want to be displayed on your website, you also need to pick the right shape and color of them using the shortcode (more information about it in the following lines). This will help you make your website as interactive and special as ever, since you won’t have just the same social buttons as anyone.

However, you can also change the position where this buttons will be displayed upon your own wish. Besides having those in specific rudimental places (like on the sidebar or above or below the content), you can opt for a rather dynamic appearance, such as through automatic pop-up, fly-in, media (being applied on images and videos) and many other places you’ll find among the following lines.

What are Monarch Social Sharing Plugin’s features?

As being one of the most popular social media sharing plugins on WordPress, Monarch provides a bunch on interesting elements which are ought to be displayed upon your website in a nice and delightful manner. Some of these are:

• An increased number of locations – in contrast to various other counterpart tools which are available on the market today, Monarch comes with a wide number of displaying positions where you can set your social sharing and follow buttons. Even if you want them showing up as a floating sidebar, a fly-in, a pop-up or above/below the content, you’ll have it (and on images and videos too);

• Appear on a trigger – both the pop-up and fly-in buttons can be displayed on various triggers. Some of these could be a certain period of inactivity, specific time delay, scrolling down the page and getting to a certain point or just commenting or purchasing. You’ll definitely nail it with this one, since it reminds your visitors about what they have to do before leaving your website;

• Backlinks more than 35 social networks – Monarch has plenty of social media networks which are pretty hot these days, such a Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, VK, Delicious and StumbleUpon – and more to be discovered all by yourself;

• Customizable widget – get creative and build up your custom widget the way you want using Monarch. As being one rather appealing feature, this one is malleable enough to let you make your choice related to the shape, color, icon and various other styling options which both suit your website entirely and also is rather appealing overall;

• Built-in shortcode generator – is used to display the social sharing and follow buttons in a nicely-touched manner, which can be customized upon your own will. All the styles can be controlled and switched until you get the right one;

• Massive customization options – having the option to customize your widgets and shortcode is not all that Monarch comes with. There are also other styling options for other locations, related to the icon style, color, shape, animation and other;

• Proper statistics – due to the detailed analytics, you will be able to see the number of both shares and follows from your visitors. It also features a list of filters to get data on a specific period of time or on a rightful network;

• Extremely responsive – regardless of how many features run at the same time, Monarch covers them all and makes sure each one of them works as smooth as ever both on mobile and desktop. You’ll have the right image being displayed on every screen size or resolution;

• The code is always optimized – behind Elegant Themes you’ll find a great development team which is perfection-oriented. This is the main reason why the code behind is flawlessly organized and always up to date, not to slow your website down by any means;

• Options for import and export – whenever you own more than one website, setting up the same parameters twice for another one might be both tricky and a real boring process. To help you get rid of this, Monarch has an import and export feature through which you can replicate the same options set to the current plugin for other websites you are looking forward to configure using the same formats and numbers.

All of these elements can be organized in an effortlessly manner using a simple interface which include all the admin options. To handle the Monarch options panel, click on Tools and afterwards choose Monarch Settings to see what is available for you.

With all of these features at hand, there’s simply no turning back in choosing Monarch as one of the greatest social sharing plugins. Above everything, it is easy to use and makes a great appearance on every website.

What is the price for the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin?

The official purchasing price for the Monarch social sharing plugin is $89. Regardless of how impactful this might be, in reality you get much for what you pay.

There’s a package for which you are actually paying for, whenever you choose the Monarch social sharing plugin. There’s not only the plugin in the package – there’s also a membership for an entire year for Elegant Themes. This means you’ll get plenty of free access to some of the greatest templates out there, among which you’ll find the worldwide renowned Divi theme. In addition, there are great website packs to help you get going, together with astonishing plugins, all-time updates and support for everything you need during a one-year period of time.

There is also a lifetime access package which goes up to $249 required to be paid for being granted access to it. Without further ado, this plan is an extension to the yearly accessed presented above, just that you’ll be able to use the plugin throughout your entire life. It means that this is a one-time payment. Yet, bear in mind that the access is also to the other themes and plugins provided by Elegant Themes. And all of these into the same package, not having to pay a single cent in plus at any time in your life. However, probably the best feature Monarch comes with and is included into this package is the fact that both the themes and the plugins are actually available to be used on more websites at once. In a nutshell, Monarch is a catch.

What are the advantages of using Monarch Social Sharing Plugin?

There are interesting parts about the Monarch social sharing plugin rewarding enough to make your website bloom. Among the social share and follow buttons provided once the package is chosen, you’ll also get a great appearance of these on your website.

But probably the most important aspect in here is related to the fact that you get all the social networks which are really worth a glance. Moreover, there are various options for displaying them, both in terms of buttons but also related to original placements – and you won’t need special training for that, at all.

The compatibility with Gutenberg (also known as the newest WordPress version, which features the block editor) is a great catch. This is utterly important, since Gutenberg is widely used and easier to cope with once you get accustomed to the WordPress version.

The Monarch social sharing plugin is more than that though. It provides a user with a bunch of stats related to how well rank your content in terms of popularity. You’ll be able to count that based on your social media. And, watch this – if you don’t have a certain volume at a given time, Monarch won’t share the number by default. Instead, it will help you fight against a negative output.

Yet, the Monarch social sharing plugin is a great choice since its features are pretty good and they turn out to be exactly like in their original description. With a clean design, on-point elements are great looks, Monarch has no big glitches at all. So you definitely don’t have to worry about that.

And the price so fair is fair and provides you with the right tool for all your needs. Overall, the best way to spot the benefits of the Monarch social sharing plugin is indeed by trying it out on your own.

Are there any drawbacks on using the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin?

Regardless of how many great words we do have when thinking of Monarch, too much good might also have a drawback. In this situation, it actually has.

Monarch comes with a high number of features which are also extremely helpful. Still, each one of them requires specific website storage, as well as an additional load time for everything to be completely displayed – with no interruption.

To keep an eye on everything that is happening with and around your website, it is utterly important to put your website on a general scan, just to see how well it reacts. To do so, remember to test it using tools like GTmetrix, also known as one of the greatest for testing a website’s performance. Upon the scan, you’ll be provided with a detailed report telling you exactly what you should improve – and what works tremendously fine. Another tool of the same kind is Yoast SEO, perfect enough to run a scan and test your website’s average performance – and know its limits.

According to proven tests, the mere usage of the Monarch social sharing plugin (together with all of its best tertiaries, dependencies and plugins) will require an additional 66 milliseconds to your website’s usual load time – which, to be quite honest, is not a massive impact for what you get in return.

Besides that, Monarch is cool and seems to be extremely popular among most of the website owners. As expected, the load time might be a little drawback, but you’ll probably find many more in various other social sharing plugins just like this. You just have to decide upon which one to have the privilege of obtaining more of it. Overall, once you choose the Monarch social sharing plugin, you won’t regret it.

Another pinch of a flaw the Monarch social sharing plugin comes with is related to the share counts. According to various researches conducted online, it has been shown that this tool does not always share the accurate number. They might be more than you see there. Moreover, there are no on-media buttons working flawlessly when applied on featured images. And this is sad indeed.

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