Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Creating a website is no easy job – it takes time, some money, effort and quite a lot of useful information to make it work. The same goes for finding the right design, logo, and the perfect content for the About Us page. And let’s not talk about customization. Each and every single detail takes time to be properly used and identified, but the mere use of widgets and plugins is also a daunting task if you don’t know which way to choose. Still, there are some perfectly designed to make your website more intuitive than ever – and one of those is the way you communicate with your customers. Keep up with us and let’s dive into the 2020 top 10 best contact form plugins for WordPress.

What is a contact form plugin for WordPress?

Maintaining a strong and healthy communication with your customers is one of the key factors of a successful website. Regardless of how great the provided content on your page is, your visitors will never feel closer to you than the moment they receive a reply right from the website’s owner. This is a strategic technique mostly used by the highly renowned websites, yet there’s a pity that the person behind is actually a marketing team set up to get the right replies at all times – but, if you take another look at the situation, you’ll understand that is it almost relentless to think a single person could have the proper time to respond to each one of those mails.

And this is where the contact form plugin kicks in. This tool is perfectly framed to maintain the communication path between customers and website owners, in a shorter and easier manner. Once the WordPress plugin is set up on your website, you should expect more messages (and even business collaborations) than before.

When it comes to contacting the support line, customers are rather reluctant at the idea – there are more introverts than extroverts these days, reason why a written consent is always better than a verbal one. A contact form plugin is an inviting and suitable way of keeping up with your customers’ requirements and needs.

How does a contact form plugin for WordPress work?

The process is really simple. A contact form plugin for WordPress is basically a convenient interface between a website’s owner and his customers. It speeds up the process, since the required information must be filled in only from one side – the customer’s one. That’s because the recipient one is already settled.

So, instead of opening a separate browser or tab, introduce personal credentials to a mail application and further fill in the recipient field with the necessary information, you’re one step closer to seal the deal faster than ever before. That’s the contact form plugin for WordPress’ part, giving you the opportunity to skip some unnecessary steps which take time and other resources – let alone the fact that while filling in the recipient details you might stumble upon some typos and end up with your email being wrongly sent.

And that’s what a contact form plugin for WordPress does – it helps the customers be more responsive and thus, generate more traffic and a better reputation to your website.

According to various studies which were previously conducted, visitor interaction is vital for your website’s success. The more engaged your customers are the better will it be for you.

What are the features of a WordPress contact form plugin?

Above everything, it is needless to say that a contact form plugin for WordPress must be pragmatic and useful. It is usually found on the “CONTACT” page of various websites and encapsulates required details and information mostly organized in fields and design tools. At a glance, it is helpful enough to assure contact between customers and website owners. Still, as time went by and new features for the contact form plugins have been crafted, nowadays we can benefit of additional options. It is recommended to take them into account, since they can make your choice easier. Some of these are:

• Custom forms – provides a bunch of fields, options and mind-blowing tools for branding;
• Communications – known to be a technical structure based on email which maintains communication between website owners and clients, by informing them that they got a new message;
Visual builders – helps you get rid of unnecessary editors for drag and drop;
• Responsiveness – highly recommended quality, known to help the contact form be displayed regardless of the device type – either small, medium or large;
• Conditional logic – provides customers with the ability of displaying or hide various elements, according to their prior selection;
• Spam protection – contact form plugins are specially designed to reduce spam mails at any cost while protecting both the website owner and customers;
• Frontend file submission – helps the entire sending process since it provides the ability of uploading document forms right on the plugin. By this way, the problems and ideas are being sent in an easier method which will further generate an easier and faster solution.

Although they might sound great, these are just a few of the features you should look for when deciding upon the best contact form plugin for your WordPress website. Moreover, it is needless to specify how professional this looks online, reason why there’s not a single popular website which does not feature, upon it, a contact form plugin. And trust us – you’ll thank yourself later for the choice.

What are the advantages of using a contact form plugin for WordPress?

There are various reasons why using a contact form plugin for WordPress can improve your website. Due to its various functionalities, it can help visitors (or clients) write an email and send it directly without having to allocate a high number of hours for that matter. And the ability to save time is a proper advantage of using a contact form plugin for WordPress.

The vast majority of the available themes already have a built-in contact form plugin, as it is one of the most essential parts a website should own. However, whenever this plugin is requested and not integrated by default, you could choose among a vast number the one that suits your website best. And for this it is utterly important to know what does your website lack. Besides that, a contact form plugin for WordPress provides you with:

• Spam prevention – through a contact form, the interaction with spam mails has a low percentage. This is due to the fact that most of the plugins come with spam prevention systems. Such a feature will block unwanted mails from being sent to your customers’ emails, which in turn is expected to improve your website’s image and reputation online. By defition, spam is worldwide known to damage your website, asking for more load time and a higher period of time for getting rid of it. But that does not happen in case of using a contact form plugin for WordPress though;

• A quick way of communication – keeping your customers in the loop is a top priority if you aim for a successful website. Online chat support, phone contact or traditional emailing are nice and fun, but nothing compares to a contact form. This one puts no pressure on the customer and makes him more eager to open a conversation, due to the friendly interface. By this way, you’ll always know what your visitors want and how your website should be improved – and this would not be possible in a live chat or traditional emailing, since both of them require additional time and effort;

• An expansion of the interaction method with clients – as mentioned above, all other methods of communication between a website owner and his visitors, clients and customers are well known for their advantages. Even so, people enjoy most when they are being guided, since it makes the website more intuitive and offers them the sense that they know what they are doing – which is actually true, especially once they decide to spend more than 3 seconds on your website. A contact form is the only missing element from a website that has a high traffic – yet, you might expect hundreds of mails as soon as the WordPress plugin is being set up;

• A method to urge customers to develop a discussion – a contact form plugin for WordPress usually looks like a plain box in which various options need to be enabled (or disabled), fields to be filled in with proper information and the contact details to be a hundred percent valid. Since it already comes with some default options, it gets easier than ever before to write some words for a website. And people enjoy easy stuff, which means that making the entire process more accessible might turn into a real advantage in the long run. In short, this is exactly what a contact form plugin for WordPress does for you.

These are just a couple of the benefits a contact form plugin for WordPress comes with. At the same time, there are other advantages you might find useful enough to decide to use one of them. As mentioned, there are themes with an already built-in contact form that do not require any additional manual configuration. Yet, not the same applies for the simplest and plain ones, which leave the option of inserting (or not) one of these plugins. As you know, time is precious and a contact form plugin for WordPress might easily provide you with additional hours per month.

Which are the best contact form plugins for WordPress?

Finding various contact form plugins online is easy, but choosing the right one is a real challenge. And this is mostly highlighted from a technical point of view, due to the fact that certain items within the plugin might clash with the WordPress theme – and so on. With over 1600 available plugins on the market, your choice might be neither the easiest nor the fastest. In order to help you get rid of this aspect, you should consider the following top 10 best contact form plugins for WordPress to choose the one that suit best your website, both technically and appealingly:

1. Gravity Forms

Installs: 1,000,000+ | Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Link more features into one useful tool that is easy to use and user-friendly by using Gravity Forms. This contact form plugin for WordPress comes with astonishing points that are unlimited. We’re talking here about forms, conditional logic and various entries, all of which might feel a bit advanced for its final purpose. Even so, Gravity Forms is worldwide renown to provide a better customer support to any website it is being introduced to. Moreover, it features extra options such as file uploads and even multi-page forms. Although it looks perfect until now, it is important to highlight the fact that this contact form plugin for WordPress does not come with neither live char nor phone support. Still, you don’t actually need them whatsoever. Here’s how to get the right information about Gravity Forms in a blink:

— Benefits:

• Provides conditional logic, forms and entries;
• Comes with the ability to upload files and multi-page forms;
• Provides language translations, documentation and alternative benefits to users and customers;
• Able to benefit from priority support if choosing the plan that is most expensive.

— Drawbacks:

• Features no live chat or user support through phone.

— Highlights:

• Once purchased, Gravity Forms comes with proper details and information on how to get started, developer usage, add-ons and famous features;
• Integrates a high number of add-ons, such as Dropbox, Aweber, GetResponse, Freshbooks, Stripe, MailChimp and PayPal Pro;
• Comes with a wide range of features for the requested price;
• Provides access to over 30 form fields;
• Comes with conditional logic by default;
• Provides the ability to schedule forms.

— Pricing:

• The cheapest version of Gravity Forms costs $59 annually, while the most expensive one is $259.

2. Ninja Forms

Installs: 1,000,000+ | Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Create your own contact form with the use of Ninja Forms. You can play with numerous fields, received emails or forms until you arrive to the proper result – all in a blink. There are countless combinations you can make, while all it takes is your creativity be left in the wild. Its user interface is extremely friendly and intuitive, making Ninja Forms a great pick in terms of a contact form WordPress plugin. Moreover, whenever you want to, it is possible to save any form for further use.

The main reason why Ninja Forms is so easy to work with resides in its familiarity – it comes with a wide range of fields and features which are not at all sophisticated. Instead, they are rather intuitive and basic, requiring no special aspects in terms of configuration. Even so, your website will shine as soon as it starts to be used. The following aspects (and many more) should not be forgotten about Ninja Forms:

— Benefits:

• Easy to use and extremely user-friendly;
• Enhance website owner’s creativity in setting up the most suitable contact form aspect;
• Enrolling for a membership equals useful access towards numberless add-ons, updates, customer support, conditional logic, layouts and various multi-part forms;
• Its purchase price remains low compared to the features provided.

— Drawbacks:

• It is known to be a rival of a different contact form plugin for WordPress, Contact Form 7.

— Highlights:

• Provides over 40 add-ons, such as conditional logic, front-end posting, layouts, various styles, file uploads and multi-part forms;
• Able to offer a wide payment collection using the forms through different payment processors, such as PayPal Express;
• Comes with a great price;
• Helps you get rid of both integration and automation limitations using Zapier.

— Pricing:

• Ninja Forms comes with a free version and an annual membership one starting at $99.

3. Contact Form 7

Installs: 5,000,000+ | Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Probably one of the most used contact form plugins for WordPress, Contact Form 7 is a free-of-charge option to take into account when wishing to obtain the right features with little to no effort at all. Most of the reasons why it is that great relies on its characteristics, of being both stable and reliable – which takes us back to most popular websites using it since it’s fun, easy and very simple – and it fits anywhere. Even if having to pay no dollar for it seems to be extremely appealing, the following information about Contact Form 7 might lead you to the right answer – wait for it, and you will be simply amazed. You will get all the right data to help you get going, together with the following:

— Benefits:

• A stable and reliable plugin;
• Able to be downloaded free of charge;
• Plain and simple, which means that it fits any theme style;
• Most popular contact form plugin for WordPress.

— Drawbacks:

• Because of the plain appearance, it might seem as outdated in comparison to recently developed plugins of the same type.

— Highlights:

• Extremely easy to use, as soon as you learn how to handle a form template system;
• Filled with benefits compared to the price (free to more);
• Best of its features is integration;
• Compatible with various tools such as Akismet, Flamingo or Google Analytics;
• Extremely flexible and versatile;
• High number of available extensions.

— Pricing:

• Contact Form 7 is free of charge.

4. WPForms

Installs: 3,000,000+ | Rating: 4.9/5 stars

Turn your website into a tool that features a professional appearance using WPForms. Believe it or not, this contact form plugin for WordPress is both intuitive and extremely handy for its users. It is built on a drag-and-drop technique and makes it extremely easy for users to do their choice by making available various pre-made templates. Once they are set up, finding the proper method to structure the forms comes in handy.

WPForms can be downloaded and used as a free version, offering constant support for Contact, together with a system that is built between import and export and the worldwide renowned reCAPTCHA for spam prevention. This version has been downloaded for as much as one million time, so it’s needless to say how popular it gets as days go by.

Regardless of how simple and fast to integrate it looks like, WPForms is still a basic plugin which might not fulfill all the necessary requirements. Beware that this contact form plugin for WordPress does not feature either the website/URL or the file upload options. In addition, you won’t get your entries saved – but this happens only to the version that is free of charge. Here’s what you need to know about WPForms, at a glance:

— Benefits:

• Has pre-made templates useful enough to inspire yourself in finding the right creativity spot;
• Comes with a system that is completely based on drag-and-drop techniques;
• Provides support for Constant Contact;
• Adds reCAPTCHA for spam prevention.

— Drawbacks:

• Does not have important fields like website/URL or file upload;
• The free version does not feature saved entries.

— Highlights:

• Extremely intuitive;
• No restrictions found within its usage;
• Introduces the right support for WordPress.

— Pricing:

• WPForms is free of charge if you go for the minimal features the plugin provides a user with. The basic license goes up to $39.50 annually while the plus license requires $99.50 per year to be paid. The last yet best two options are the pro license ($199.50 per year) and elite one ($299.50).

5. Formidable Forms

Installs: 300,000+ | Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Let your creativity flourish and be displayed all over your website by choosing the Formidable Forms. As being a contact form plugin for WordPress, it comes with a bunch of features useful enough to improve user interaction and website appearance. Each form is created by following a drag-and-drop procedure, while choosing among the various available fields, such as website URL, menus, HTMP and even reCAPTCHA functionality.

Formidable Forms comes in various and different versions, upon the price that is being paid. By default, the free version makes sure each of your form submission is not lost in the wild, but stored for good. It also makes sure that both importing and exporting processes are set up on for good and comes up with a style editor filled with features able to provide the user with the ability of colors, size and font changes. This is indeed a highlight that is less and less offered among plugins, so beware of that.

The personal license for Formidable Forms goes up to $49 per year and adds up the right support received from developers. By this way, any technical problem is solved right up in a second. In addition, other features are to be discovered once you decide to go for the license.

Another license offered by Formidable Forms is the creator one, for which one has to pay annually $99. It includes the plugin to be used on a maximum of three websites and offers a wide range of styling options that are different to what you get in the free tool. It also integrates Aweber, MailChimp and MailPoet.

For $199 per year, Formidable Forms is available as the business license and is ready to be used on up to 15 websites. It also helps in terms of a better integration of email marketing, WPML and PayPal.
The last but not lease option from the Formidable Forms is the elite license that can be all yours for $399 per year. It imposes no restrictions in terms of usage and includes support for various tools, such as, Stripe, HubSpot, Salesfornce, WooCommerce and ActiveCampaign.

— Benefits:

• Comes with a built-in drag-and-drop technique;
• Features the reCAPTCHA functionality;
• Includes a style editor that offers the ability to manage the right change of colors, sizes and fonts;
• Able to be upgraded for more astonishing features;
• Includes rather interesting options for styling.

— Drawbacks:

• From the business license further, the required membership price might be too high for basic users.

— Highlights:

• Intuitive design and friendly interface;
• Highly popular among WordPress website owners.

— Pricing:

• The price for Formidable Formats vary upon the desired features. It can be taken either in the free-of-charge version, which comes with a limited set of options or go for the personal license (which costs $49 per year), creator license ($99 each year), business one ($199 per year) or the supreme one, elite ($399 per year).

6. Happy Forms

Installs: 40,000+ | Rating: 3.3/5 stars

Take advantage of some of the best available features using a free contact form plugin for WordPress. One tools just like that which fulfill all of the mentioned requirements is Happy Forms, an intuitive interface ought to organize everything on your website in terms of customer interaction. It has been first thought about The Theme Foundry organization and nowadays it is one of the most popular ones on the market.

Happy Forms features the HoneyPot security which, in turn, is meant to decrease the number of spams which are being sent and successfully sent. Moreover, it has Google reCAPTCHA functionality, making it a first choice. Moreover, you are able to express your creativity through a wide range of elements, starting with style, colors, alignments and finally font sizes.

One sign you have inner and intuitive skills about Happy Forms is the previous usage of customizer, a well renowned WordPress theme. Besides its detailed procedures, it remains a rather basic plugin which can be set up in a minute. This and more are to be known about Happy Forms, as follows:

— Benefits:
• Works with the same interface as the customizer WordPress theme, making it more intuitive than ever to be used;
• Able to introduce new fields within the second column;
• Able to preview forms;
• Has various available fields, from table, rating and text editor to website link.

— Drawbacks:

• Happy Forms comes with no conditional logic. This might seem like a turndown since it would’ve been an advanced field, yet it works best as a basic plugin.

— Highlights:

• Requires no technical background or prior WordPress knowledge to be both installed and further used at the best parameters;
• Always able to provide you with the styling changes while making them.

— Pricing:

• Happy Forms can be all yours without having to spend a dollar on it.

7. Jetpack Forms

Installs: 5,000,000+ | Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Choose a famous contact form plugin for WordPress which turned from a no-name into one of the widely used tool for website improvement. Jetpack Forms is pretty popular among the available options due to its features – and we’re about to learn more about them. One of them is its modules, among which the Jetpack contact form arises. It covers up to ten astonishing fields where users can include their names, dropdown, display date and website.

In case a website owner has already the Classic Editor turned on, the next logical step would be spotting the Jetpack contact form within the visual editor. You might see it as being a button which says ‘Add Contact Form’.

Unlike other contact form plugins for WordPress, Jetpack Forms does not feature styling options or other rather advanced settings from which to make your choice(s). It means that this pick resides into a basic plugin mostly used for its default options, so think twice before making your decision. For this matter, the following lines are utterly important to be considered:

— Benefits:

• One of the most widely used contact form plugins for WordPress;
• Comes with a high number of tools that differ one from another;
• Has various fields ready to be inserted and further used, such as dropdown, website, name and date.

— Drawbacks:

• Jetpack Forms is a basic plugin that features no advanced options. This might be a little tricky for experienced website owners.

— Highlights:

• Comes in handy for basic users who need a contact form plugin fast and quick;
• Easy to download, install and use, due to its intuitive interface;
• Requires a step-by-step process to be followed.

— Pricing:

• Jetpack Forms is free-of-charge at any time.

8. Quform

Installs: 100,000+ | Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Go for the most common choice in contact form plugins for WordPress with Quform. This one has recorded a skyrocketing number of purchased, mostly due to its great ratio between the price paid and the provided features. It is made available thanks to CodeCanyon and for only $29 you can meet your friend in need which will improve your website’s overall targets in no time.

Quform comes with a wide range of features which are extremely intuitive for users. Among these you’ll find conditional logic, forms that are complex and multi-page, stylish fields and creative methods of making your website glow. In addition, it provides the website owner with great control over how the notifications look like – and which one will be sent.

In contrast to various other contact form plugins for WordPress, Quform has up to three CAPTCHA tools. One of them is known to be HoneyPot, whereas the other two are image and reCAPTCHA. Up to 15 validators are directly provided to help you spot any peculiar signs. Moreover, the interface is based purely on a drag-and-drop technique which can be found among the 11 available themes that are included by default. Together with these, you’ll get a number of 11 button styles, animations, HTML and even CSS styling. As soon as you make a move in the customising process, you’ll be able to see the form changes live.

And it looks nice on both phones and tablets, let alone desktops. But here’s a sum up:

— Benefits:

• Features up to three CAPTCHA tools in order to prevent spam;
• Comes up with a drag-and-drop system which makes things easier than before;
• Optimized by default for mobile phones.

— Drawbacks:

• Might be too small in features for what one would expect from a contact form plugin for WordPress – but it pays off, since its cost is a reasonable one.

— Highlights:

• Comes with a pretty interface which makes it fit perfectly on each and every website, regardless of its chosen style;
• Provides a wide number of 11 themes;
• Does have the conditional logic included.

— Pricing:

• Quform is able for purchase at an annual price of $29.

9. Caldera Forms

Installs: 200,000+ | Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Take advantage of a rather interesting contact form plugin for WordPress which is, at the same time, user-friendly with Caldera Forms. Your creativity can be easily trained while sketching brand new files out from a template that has nothing on it or hover upon a template that is already perfectly set up.

Caldera Forms comes in two options, either choosing the free one or the one that has to be paid for. In the first situation, you’ll find a wide number of features usually found after enrolling for a membership. Some of these are the existence of multi-page forms, uploading different files and documents, the conditional logic availability and on-time support provided for Easy Digital Downloads.

But the same plugin integrates a honeypot which makes sure to stop potential spam mails from being sent, as well as special forms for both import and export.

There’s technical support which can be constantly given to you from Caldera Forms if you decide to pay monthly $14.99. This is what the basic plan is all about.

For as much as $74.99 per year, you can get the first pro version of this plugin which is known as the starter plan. It features message stats and provides the website owner with a single add-on which can be further chosen.

A cost of $164.89 every year will give you the individual plan which includes various message layouts and developer add-ons. Some of those are PayPal Express, PDF tool, analytics and impressive statistics. The highest on the list though is the advanced plan which needs $274.89 to be paid per year in order to be yours. It supports advanced add-ons and even comes with a list of the best ones which will be made available to you, such as integration of Stripe payment, tracking of Google Analytics and various interesting templates for mail. Moreover, the agency plan makes the top with $549.89 yearly. If we take it from a mathematical point of you, the best choice in terms of Caldera Forms is to go for the yearly packages. And here’s a short take on this WordPress plugin:

— Benefits:

• The free version already has some interesting features which a website owner can benefit from;
• The updated versions (those which are ought to be paid for) are great as to how much they cost;
• It comes with a wide variety of add-ons which will further be applied on the website;
• Features anti-spam techniques, such as CAPTCHA.

— Drawbacks:

• At a first glance, the price for updated versions is quite high to be paid by single website owners.

— Highlights:

• Requires no technical background in order to run smoothly.

— Pricing:

• The price for Caldera Forms varies from $0 to $549.89 per year, making it useful for website owners to look into each and every versions to see which one suits the website best.

10. ARForms

Installs: 150,000+ | Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Add to your website a professional appearance using ARForms, one of the most skillful contact form plugins for WordPress. It comes with a design that is top quality both on the back end and on the front end.

Working with ARForms is always a blessing, since it features an interface that is filled with colors and requires only the drag-and-drop technique to make everything happen. Whenever you feel like, you can choose among over 40 of the forms that are already created which means that additional creativity is no longer required in here.

The forms within ARForms are actually complex, with an increasing number of available fields. Moreover, they feature a conditional logic and various other aspects that are characteristic to each and every picked field.

One aspect for which ARForms is rather unique resides into the fact that you can show forms through popups – and you’ll definitely love it. Here’s more of what you need to know:

— Benefits:

• ARForms comes up with interesting features from which to choose and display on your own website;
• Comes with an interface that is rather colorful and easy to use.

— Drawbacks:

• At some point, prior experience with technical aspects might be required (due to the advanced features).

— Highlights:

• Extremely easy to configure and do the set up;
• Highly professional and able to provide your website with a sophisticated appearance;
• Extremely intuitive.

— Pricing:

• ARForms and its fantastic features can be all yours for as much as $37.

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