Beaver Builder Review – Is it Really Worth it?

When working with WordPress, it’s a common thing to come across various names of popular themes, layouts, widgets, bloggers and so forth. Just like in any other industry, knowing what sells well is an important piece of information which could be of great help for further use.

Let’s imagine you are constantly thinking to start a website. You know nothing yet about hosting, domain names or preference for the CMS (Content Management System), let alone about themes and layouts. However, it’s perfectly fine – no one found out all the required information overnight. With platforms like WordPress, learning how to work with it is an art that requires everyday practice. If you don’t know where to start, we might have one of the greatest recommendations on how to create a website – the Beaver Builder, one of the most attractive and useful page builder WordPress plugins on the market. Let’s deep further and see whether or not is it worth it!

Discovering more about Beaver Builder requires more specific knowledge over what a page builder plugin for WordPress represents (or does). To skip this part, you can either go for a premium theme (Elegant Themes has some you might enjoy) – and use its features as much as it lets you customize them – or pay a web designer to help you get going. Even a WordPress developer should be able to meet your expectations. However, this is the priciest choice available and could not provide you with the outcome expected.

The last but not least (and totally recommended) option is to employ a page builder plugin. Literally speaking, it helps you create your website block by block, using a rather friendly interface. The main advantages rely on asking for little to none technical background, while obtaining the necessary freedom to employ any layout as you wish. It’s even possible to choose multiple layouts for various pages, create a unique combo of colors, styles and even content – neither of them ever seen before.

Making your website unique and able to stand out in the crowd with something is that je-ne-sais-quoi meant to convince your visitors come back for more. While using a page builder plugin for WordPress, you can definitely generate it from scratch. However, some of these plugins might be fuzzy, hassling and rather puzzling, reason why taking some alone time to research for the right one is definitely a go for. Remember – your website needs a page builder plugin that is fast, user-friendly, able to show you how the changes look like within a preview live mode and to require a quick learning process. So, are you ready to see whether or not Beaver Builder fits the criteria? Let’s get it going!

What is Beaver Builder?

Looking back in time, Beaver Builder was among the big three page builder plugins from the very beginning. Since then, a lot of things have changed and improved for a better user experience.

The today’s version displays the Beaver Builder using a drag-and-drop architecture specially designed to develop insane-looking content in WordPress – all within a plain and simple method.
From a bird’s eye perspective, here’s what Beaver Builder is up to:

• Create custom posts and pages in a blink while drag-and-dropping various elements until they look exquisite;
• Lack of coding language is neither a drawback, nor a benefit – everything is pre-built, so not even HTML knowledge is required;
• Compatible with every WordPress theme, which provides further flexibility;
• On-spot results, through a live preview display.

Right, until now we already know what a page builder WordPress plugin is and what is Beaver Builder developed for. Not only site owners, but also WordPress developers and every single user can employ it within their work. The main reason why it is so popular can be resumed into a 5-word line – making working with content faster.

There’s an impressive point that Beaver Builder actually covers, which used to be a WordPress lack. Unfortunately (but generally known), WordPress is neither easy nor friendly to be employed by non-experienced WordPress geeks. To create your posts and pages, you would first need to watch proper tutorials in order to get you accustomed with all of the features. However, the Beaver Builder comes with everything you need into a single plugin.

Saying that about Beaver Builder is indeed a powerful line which needs additional details – that’s a fact that needs examples and proper information. Keep an eye onto the following lines to see what features Beaver Builder is offering.

What are the main features provided by Beaver Builder?

Apart from the Beaver Builder theme, the Beaver Builder plugin comes as an integrated part of a CMS. Since the number of features offered by Beaver Builder is actually too big, putting them down right away would be total nonsense. However, we managed to pick up some of the most important ones – and presented them here:

• Complete support for the drag-and-drop mechanism, letting you place both text and images wherever you feel like;
• Useful front-end editing, where you can see the changes on your website in real time, right from a visitor’s perspective;
• HTML, CSS or coding knowledge is not mandatory;
• Compatible with any WordPress theme, regardless of it being free or premium;
• Built to support posts, custom post types and pages;
• Comes with over 50 pre-made page templates which can be further employed in different pages;
• While building pages, you can choose from over 30 content elements and modules (like headings, galleries, buttons and more) to help you get going;
• Provides mobile-responsive and SEO optimized output;
• Works great with WooCommerce while adding up some of its content elements;
• Able to be imported or exported on different websites where it can be reused.

Creating the best layouts while employing normal content elements can still generate a unique result. This is basically what Beaver Builder is all about, coupled up with various other aspects that will be detailed within this post. Remember, you can introduce as many headings as possible, as well as paragraphs, images and videos (from the media gallery) and many more.
However, if that looks too puzzling for you, the pre-made templates (made available by Beaver Builder) is a great choice for different types of pages – landing pages, about pages and even contact pages.

How is Beaver Builder used?

To create an alluring page means to use the proper tools to help you take advantage of what a CMS like WordPress has to offer. And Beaver Builder is one of them.
Working with Beaver Builder is based, pretty much, on instinct. You will find it within the WordPress user interface, since that’s the spot where it is integrated.

To get it started, activate the Beaver Builder and wait for the welcome page. This is meant to give you a hand in changing some basic settings, which are prone to making your work with the page builder WordPress plugin easier. If you’re in a rush or just wish to get over with the options, you can freely skip adjusting the settings since they are completely optional.

Now, it’s time to create a new page like we used to within the old format. Click on PAGES -> ADD NEW PAGE and wait until the default pages loads. Now, if you still see the Text Editor box, that’s because you need to switch to Beaver Builder from the top of the page. However, if you have already stumbled upon the invitation to create a page using Beaver Builder, here’s what we will do next.

Under this invitation, spot the LAUNCH BEAVER BUILDER blue button. This is aimed to prepare the main interface in a bit.


Working with Beaver Builder implies changing the canvas and adjusting it the way you want to. The process through which this can be done is pretty simple, requiring you to drag-and-drop each element you want right from the sidebar. Up to four sections labeled are made available, known as: Modules, Rows, Templates and Saved:

• Modules – the proper category for identifying individual content elements which can be further added to your canvas. Text, buttons, images and more are expecting you here;
• Rows – structural category, in which you can decide the complexity of different rows and columns. In addition, you will get a bunch of pre-made row designs to help you get going (useful for content blocks, pricing tables, lead generation and other).

Under each labeled section, you will find the proper elements split into more categories. For instance, within modules, there are different categories (such as Basic, Media, Actions and many more) useful enough to help you choose the proper page structure.

Keeping your work neat and clean is a must if you want your website to be perceived as intuitive right after you choose to save your work – and make it live. This is the main reason why you will need to decide among the preferred structure. The first step, however, implies selecting a row structure and only afterwards adding the desired content modules.

In order to help you set up the right page structure, some of the following features are actually worth using:

• Creating as many rows as you want on each page;
• Separating a row into as many number of columns as you want;
• Obtaining as many individual content blocks from a single column as possible;
• Each content block is used for a single instance of content. Thus, you will have separate content for an image, a custom chart, a block of text and other. Here’s a sneak peek:

The process of mix and match is a total bliss within WordPress if you use Beaver Builder. You can rearrange each block individually, by drag-and-dropping it into another place. This is extremely useful for creating your posts differently from the other, just the way you have firstly envisioned.

Speaking of creating pages, you can basically work with your canvas row to row. In addition, it is possible to add content modules as many as you’d like, all without interfering with your already designed template.

For a pop of inspiration, you can choose among a wide variety. Anything from photo modules, images, buttons, icons, videos, gallery, testimonials and even slideshows can be employed. However, these are not the only ones available. You can also take advantage of some regular WordPress widgets specially crafted to fit your website from head to toe.

To add the desired content within your module, you just have to click on it and start writing within the small box. Here you will get all the desired options, which are totally intuitive.

Working with Beaver Builder is extremely fun once you get a hand of it. Even though all the options and modules seem to be a bit tricky at first, rumor has it – it becomes the most intuitive tool specially designed for a WordPress website. The reason behind relates to the proper updates through which it has gone through, until it reached the version we see today. Overall, paying the required price for it is rather a smaller price that they request you for all of its features which, taken independently, would score higher. It is a nice and flexible builder to take advantage of and employ to ease your work with WordPress.

More on Beaver Builder’s pre-made templates

Creating a page from scratch usually takes time (especially if you have no previous experience with WordPress or website building whatsoever) and could be a reason to take a break from a job so troublesome like web design. However, Beaver Builder makes it possible to skip this step while still getting a flawless result.

This page builder WordPress plugin comes with some pre-made templates which are totally ravishing. They have been designed by the team behind Beaver Builder and provide a great help for anyone who is looking for a neat coverage that looks totally professional.

To get it started with the pre-cooked templates, it’s important to have a look within the top of the sidebar. Here you will find Templates next to the Modules and Rows, as well as Saved.
We have previously discussed about Modules and Rows. Looking further at the next one, you will spot:

• Saved – it’s the right place for storing the elements that you have managed to save, like rows, content modules, columns and many more. It comes in handy especially after you managed to gain some useful experience working with Beaver Builder;
• Templates – the right spot to find over 50 pre-made page designs which you can import with a single click.

Any of these templates could be employed to beautify your website. Due to the fact that they are made by the professionals behind Beaver Builder, there’s no reason why you should not use them. You are basically setting up your website on a whim but with a safe choice. Still, you can even adjust these pre-defined templates, to add a rather unique sparkle. To do so, go upon the Beaver

Builder interface and do the magic.

There’s more from this page builder WordPress plugin than meets the eye. Not only does it work for landing pages, but it does a magnificent job with content pages too. From now on, you can decide among the pre-made templates and use the desired ones onto your about pages, services, team, contact, portfolio, privacy policy and more.

Obtaining a flawless appearance for your website is not necessarily a matter of built-from-scratch pages and posts. Even if the content is ought to be unique, the packaging can vary. With its pre-defined all-for-whatever, Beaver Builder keeps itself on top of page builder WordPress plugins. You can employ as many of its available templates as you need, without having to spend a single more minute thinking about setting up the right combo.

Regardless of how great Beaver Builder sounds like, it is 100% compatible only with its father theme – Beaver Builder Theme. This is the main reason why employing it within a different one might actually provide you with a series of limitations to the page builder WordPress plugin. Thus, some of its features might actually not be 100% usable.

Impressive modules in Beaver Builder

Creating pages and setting them up with the best design can be done with modules. These are some built-in elements which are employed just like blocks. When added up, they create your pages and posts in the most beautiful way. Some of the most popular that you will stumble upon as soon as you start using Beaver Builder are:

• Accordion – works flawlessly with the FAQs and Q&A pages, due to the interactive accordion menu which is added in a second since the activation;
• Button – specially designed to introduce buttons within which you can add links;
• Callout – has the same utility as Call to Action; however, this one comes with a different layout;
• Contact Form – introduces various call to actions which are targeted;
• Custom HTML – properly used for employing custom HTML and shortcodes related to different WordPress plugins;
• Font Icons – relates to FontAwesome, Dashicons and Foundation;
• Map – extremely useful to show a certain point on a map, while introducing Google Maps upon your website’s specific pages and posts;
• Number Counter – adds up everything from specially designed numbers, circles, counters and bars to help you send your idea in a clearer and more straightforward manner;
• Post Carousel – introduces exquisite post carousel right from various pages, posts and custom post types;
• Pricing Table – sets up attractive pricing tables for your visitors;
• Tabs – properly employed to ease the process of adding content in tabs;
• Testimonials – lets you handle a testimonial slider within your website, while using different style alternatives;
• Text Editor – introduces a visual text editor which looks pretty alike other WordPress post editors;
• Video – helps you add various videos to your posts and pages from media library, Vimeo, Youtube and more;
• WooCommerce – perfectly designed to help you introduce and present products on your website, through a drag-and-drop mechanism. In a few minutes, you will have an online store up and running, with beautiful products to be displayed.

These are just a part of the modules that come with Beaver Builder. To unlock more of them and see what they can do, you can decide upon one of the available packages right away and see how great these are for your own website. With so many features, templates, modules and ease of use, there’s no wonder why it still remains on top. In case you have not yet decided, it’s time to find more about it!

Who should use Beaver Builder?

Throughout time, the process of working with content editors has gone through various reforms. From raw and rather difficult templates, we can now set both our words and photos upon the canvas in the best available way. This is possible due to the block-based editor which includes the drag-and-drop functionality, being totally useful in generating flawless results. Moreover, the existence of various pre-made content modules and blocks is basically a great thing to take advantage of, right from the start.

However, departing with so many features into one’s mind, for whom is Beaver Builder suitable?

[INSERT PHOTO HERE – photo of Beaver Builder]

There are many sides of the answer. First, even the native block editor that is found within WordPress provides as much as page customization. Indeed, there are some rather great content blocks and page structures available, but there are more which you can employ from Beaver Builder.

Secondly, this page builder WordPress plugin is, by default, a functional one to practically use. Both your pages and posts will have a flawless finish, with qualitative details and skyrocketing reliability. In short, here are the types of people who would definitely take great advantage of Beaver Builder:

• Website owners looking forward to beautify their work-of-art, while employing an exquisite display of their qualitative content;
• People who are building websites for others, such as designers and developers.

Regardless of the category into which you seem to fit better, you can start using it right away. Besides being easy to handle (one of the greatest advantages for a page builder plugin), Beaver Builder does not impose a hard walkthrough to follow for newbies. It is totally intuitive and you will shorty get a hand of it.

That’s why having no prior experience with website building or management does not translate into not being able to create a page from scratch. The desired content can be easily introduced with the drag-and-drop mechanism, and edited with the help of various other features.

Besides that, you can truly perceive how the page builder interacts with you (as a user) through its numerous methods. One of them is the front-end editing, over which the plugin has numerous options which can be changed and adjusted upon your best mix. Most of this work is quite alike writing and formatting a Word document, reason why it should be rather intuitive and easy to comprehend. In short, you get nothing more than what you write, edit and change.

Designers and developers are more prone to using Beaver Builder theme in combination with the Beaver Builder plugin, since they usually offer an innovative appearance to any website which looks forward to being original. The two of them work flawlessly together and can be bought within the same package – either in the Pro or the Agency version. This choice is definitely the fastest one and provides you with the necessary hints to help you get going – and meet your clients’ deadlines. Remember, time is always money, especially in the online world.
Going back to Beaver Builder, let’s do a short review. If you are considering Beaver Builder as your next page builder WordPress plugin, simply verify if you:

• Wish to obtain exquisite content and impressive appearance to your website regardless of your coding skills;
• Look forward to use something which requires not so many rules to be followed or learned;
• Find prebuilt templates to be more useful than creating them yourself from zero;
• (if you sometimes) need to create a website for your clients in a blink.

All of these bullets are actually some guidelines meant to help you find more information about yourself and your required outcome. Depending on them, it is easy to make your choice – and not regret it further.

Pricing scheme of Beaver Builder

Going for the Beaver Builder is not an easy decision. In terms of features, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t employ it right away. However, great functionality equals money, and the team behind Beaver Builder is the one to firstly receive it.

Due to its premium characteristic, this page builder WordPress plugin has only a limited free version, called Lite. It can be downloaded right from Beaver Builder’s official page. However, moving forward to the premium ones, here’s what they got.

According to their pricing table, there are three available packages which require a payment to be made in order to get unlocked. To be more precise:

• The Standard version of Beaver Builder – is the cheapest one and requires $99 per year. It can be employed for an unlimited number of sites, featuring world-class support for up to one year straight. Within it, you get premium modules and templates. However, what’s missing is the Beaver Builder theme (for which the plugin has been specially designed to be compatible with) and multisite capability;
• The Pro version of Beaver Builder – adds up to the standard version the Beaver Builder theme and multisite capability. It still lacks the white labeling feature. You can get the package at $199 per year;
• The Agency version of Beaver Builder – is the most expensive option, which can be unlocked for $399 per year. It has all the previous features available, including white labeling.

Put in comparison, Beaver Builder has a higher price than most of its competitors. Even Elementor and Divi Builder are available for less. Still, there’s a catch why someone would go for Beaver Builder rather than for any other alternative on the market.

This page builder WordPress plugin can be used for an unlimited number of sites – yes, that’s true, you read it well. Once you buy it, it’s easy to switch from one website to the other. In addition, this feature is available in all of the premium packages.

After doing some research and seeing how the versions work, we noticed that both the Standard and Pro versions are actually providing our website with impressive functionalities. Still, when it came to the Agency plan, the white labeling didn’t actually make a lot of sense. However, it could be a nice feature in case you do need it.
Switching to the Pro version grants access to the Beaver Builder theme, which works perfectly with the plugin. In case you already have a website on which you placed a well-crafted and related theme, deciding upon the Standard version should be just fine.

The Beaver Builder comes with a free version, aimed at giving you a hint over how it would suit your website. The Lite version can be obtained right from and features a neat and plain demo provided by the team.

As a short recap on the premium features that this page builder WordPress plugin come with, remember that:

• It introduces new modules, such as Pricing Table, Slider, Tabs, Map, Subscribe Form, Contact Form, Blog Posts, Social Icons and more;
• Offers support from highly-experienced people within the team;
• Provides an exquisite appearance of pre-made layout templates;
• Grants access to save, export and also reuse of rows, full-page layouts and modules;
• Any user can create its own custom modules all by himself.

Departing with all of these impressive features into our mind, paying the required amount(s) on a page builder WordPress plugin is not such a burden when compared with the advantages it has to offer (especially to newbies and non tech savvy ones).

General overview

Having a page builder WordPress plugin is, by all means, an advantage in creating your website’s posts and pages easier and more beautiful than ever before. This is because it comes with a better and more logical structure, which helps you handle by default all the necessary requirements for a good-looking content.
Regardless of how difficult it used to be back in time, when creating a website was quite alike setting up a whole building from scratch, there’s no need of a web designer anymore to help you get going. The features within Beaver Builder are so impressive and useful, that employing them each time you are editing your website is definitely a bliss. And you will definitely agree with us, from the first day of using it.

However, naming Beaver Builder as the best builder that features the drag-and-drop mechanism from the market is quite a fast decision. On the market you will find plenty of available alternatives, each of them promising to do all the magic you need for a successful and attractive website. To help you make the most informed and thoughtful decision, here’s everything you must not forget about Beaver Builder, in a nutshell:

• It has only the Lite version which is free of charge. It is definitely useful to be employed, in order to get a better image over how it works and whether or not it fits your working habits. However, if you aim for some more free features, you can opt for Elementor or Brizy that imply no more difficulties in the process of using it;
• The paid versions are totally worth it, reason why it’s usually recommended to go for the Pro package.

Deciding whether or not to choose Beaver Builder as the main page builder WordPress plugin is, indeed, a matter of choice. There are hundreds of discussions over it that can be employed. Even so, depending on your needs and requirements, you can actually observe whether or not this plugin is the right one for you.

Within the PRO side, Beaver Builder creates your pages using its magic to obtain an impressive output. While doing so, there is no prior technical or WordPress experience required, which means that you will learn by doing. Moreover, it features both the drag-and-drop system and the front-end editing, helping you save a lot of time on that matter – nothing is better than doing the necessary changes and see how they go live within seconds.

If you are a fan of widgets, you will be more than excited to find out that Beaver Builder is actually able to employ them within the content blocks. This is definitely a benefit which this page builder provides your website with. However, the greatest part of them all is the massive number of appealing and functional templates. With this, you can obtain the website of your dreams in no time.

The bad aspects of Beaver Builder lead us to its cost. Even though the Lite version is free of charge and can be used on any WordPress website, there are a lot of imposed limitations. The first and cheapest premium package they offer starts at $99. However, when thinking of the features, the price is smaller than the one paid for each element independently. Moreover, it has no shortcuts for the undo command. And this is not appealing, at all, especially when working with words.

If you aim to purchase it as soon as possible, check if your WordPress theme is compatible with it. By this way, you can start to use it like a pro.
These being said, putting back the limitations, Beaver Builder is a nice choice to take into account on both short and long term. It is just up to you, from now, what would it be. Have you already decided?

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