Avada WordPress Theme Detailed Review

When establishing a business, creating an online presence is a serious must for building a strong bond with your targeted community. Nearly every piece of information that your customers need is ought to be presented that way. Not only is it easier for your clients to reach your products, but it is also cheaper to have an online point of information compared to an offline one.

Right after deciding to make sure that you want to be visible online too, it’s time to do some Internet surfing. You can start by looking for the right information on how to make a website and decide whether or not hiring a web designer is a required condition. As far as we are concerned, using the proper information and the desired know-how can definitely lead you to a flawless outcome with the smallest expense.

Right after you have learnt what is web hosting and how to choose your domain name, you can move forward to finding the right theme, widgets and even page builders. Not everyone is fond of Gutenberg or Beaver Builder, so discovering alternatives is indeed a real advantage.

However, some of the well-known themes for a CMS like WordPress are the two from Elegant Themes (worldwide renowned Divi and Extra ), Astra and Thrive Themes. Apart from that, you will stumble upon the default ones offered by WordPress which are both free of charge and suitable for any website. Still, sooner or later, some limitations will come around. There’s not a secret anymore that the premium themes are both more extensive and less prone to cyberattacks. And one of the themes that meets the above-mentioned requirements is Avada.

These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find out more about Avada – and its impressive features!

Short intro about Avada

From a technical perspective, Avada is a theme developed for WordPress websites. It can be easily employed to brighten up the format in which you put down your notes, ideas and photos, right on your own website. Basically, this was the lead philosophy that drove developers to create Avada.

One of the main reasons why we chose Avada for today’s review is its impressive number of users. Before heading towards offering more details and rigorous information into how it is used and how are the proper options and adjustments made, you can get a clear overview only from the numbers. As far as we know, they never lie.

Avada has been downloaded for over 500.000 times till date. This translates into making itself one of the most popular premium WordPress themes in the world, in less than three years of existence. According to Themeforest.net, where it was put on sale, it held number one for quite a long period. However, its popularity is real and it’s mainly due to the strong interest of the developers behind it. Avada is nowadays at its 10th version, making our online experience with WordPress easier and safer than ever before. It is pretty intuitive too.

Fun fact about Avada is, besides having multiple lines of code written in the back-end, you get to see none of them. Some time ago, making your website look like one that now has Avada installed required either to hire a developer or use some impressive coding skills. Fortunately though, you can take benefit from all the features, coupled up with an impressive appearance by merely buying one of the available packages. But nothing proves us better if we are right or wrong than a proper test, which we have conducted to see what Avada is up to. Don’t give up now – we are about to find out some of its best-kept secrets!

Why is Avada the best-selling WordPress Theme

From the start, Avada has been designed as a multipurpose WordPress theme. It means that it comes with various elements such as page templates, options, customization settings and additional features which beautify any website and turns it into a professional online presence. Moreover, it makes website building be perceived as a satisfactory activity, with prebuilt layouts and third-party plugins that are simply ravishing. The most important aspect in here, however, remains the fact that Avada is suitable for any website, regardless of its type. Such a flexibility is indeed something to look for, at any time.

With every new version that is being launched, the developers behind Avada are expanding the WordPress theme’s functionality. More and more details are being covered, while additional features are being integrated. As a result, you get a multipurpose theme that’s simply ravishing.

Presenting all of its features would take us forever. However, we managed to spot some of the most interesting ones that are totally worth a look (and a try):

Integrated page builder WordPress plugin that works on the drag-and-drop technique;
Impressive library of available elements which can be introduced right within the content;
A range of different prebuilt demo websites aimed at helping users built professional websites faster;
A diversified selection of individual page templates ready to be employed;
Ablility to introduce videos into the content, as well as providing available support for video backgrounds;
A growing number of header layouts and various vertical navigation areas;
Animations, fading effects and even background image blur;
Publishing tools such as testimonials, portfolio and others;
Integrated support for tools like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.

Keep in mind that all of these are just a part from the all-time increasing number of features provided by Avada. Moreover, almost all of them can be easily customized to match the required settings, through the detailed options. In short, that’s a different proof you’re dealing with a flexible theme on the making.

How is Avada used

Right after Avada’s WordPress theme has been installed and activated on your website, you have managed to do half of the job. It’s definitely the right moment to celebrate! However, to get the best out of this impressive premium choice, both the Fusion Core and the Fusion Builder plugins are required to be installed as soon as possible. Don’t worry about finding the right link from where to take them; WordPress will announce you by default while providing you with the necessary hyperlinks.

For the whole experience, you can take advantage also of the LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution plugins which are indeed premium choices and are included within Avada’s packages. They can be found within the admin area, which developers managed to create as intuitive as possible – even for newbies.

Avada has a demo version that is free of charge and can be tested by everyone who runs a WordPress website. However, things are a bit different for the premium packages. Once they are employed, the front end is quickly unlocked for a bliss of control.

Using the demo websites provided by Avada is a great strategy to consider when looking forward to building your new online presence. Right after you have installed the theme, you can import one of the available demo websites that it comes with. This is regarded as the fastest and easiest choice, which is bound to get you to the outcome expected in a matter of minutes.
However, building your own website from scratch is another alternative which we simply love. Avada provides any user with Fusion Builder, the famous tool employed for creating your own custom content with a pinch of uniqueness and originality. Whereas importing the demo website is a matter of getting the job done in a few minutes, the latter choice requires more time and dedication to see the final result coming out. But trust us that, in the end, it is totally worth it.

There are up to 49 available demo websites to be imported onto every WordPress website. The number is expected to increase, as the team behind Avada comes with other improved versions. All of them have the necessary properties to match a lifestyle website, an agency online presence and various portfolio presentations. These and many more are the ones that can be employed in order to send the desired message to your customers and clients. Apart from that, if you run an online shop, you can definitely spot something interesting and useful for you in a bit while surfing through the Avada demo websites.

Right after laying eyes on one of the available demo websites, it’s time to look for ways to make your website be covered within the predefined format. Most of the WordPress themes have some default values and dimensions that are neither adjustable nor changeable. Fortunately though, this is not the case for Avada too. Right after hitting the IMPORT button, you are being asked whether or not you wish for the entire demo to be imported. Whenever you want, you can get only a slight part of the elements and features that are made available, such as settings, sliders and content. Basically, these are some of the most important aspects to control, which you can mix and match to help you get the best outcome.

As far as we managed to notice through our research, Avada has no problems in importing the desired demo websites upon the necessary changes made by the user.

More about the Fusion Builder Content Editor

Working with a page builder WordPress plugin is one of the most impressive updates introduced some years ago. By default, each one of the premium packages offered by Avada comes with the Fusion Builder Content Editor. This has been specially designed to help you set up custom layouts for both posts and pages.

Put in a straightforward manner, this one does not take you to the frond-end to do the changes. Instead, all the magic happens right within the WordPress dashboard from start to finish.
When hearing this, the majority of non tech savvy users are crossing out the possibility of having an easy time with Avada. However, you will be simply amazed of how fast can a newbie user learn to work with it. This is due to the user-friendly interface which brings no problems in the process of understanding it. Moreover, it is easy to edit the prebuilt content, which means that working upon some predefined elements of Avada is actually possible without much of a hassle. In the end, you will actually visualize your own custom designs made from zero.

You can choose from various and numerous prebuilt templates to create posts and pages. Right after you clicked on creating a new page, it is possible to import one of the available ones with a single click from the Avada demos.

Preferably, it is possible to also start in a blink with a blank page if you aim to create your content 100% from scratch. However, choosing a column layout presentation will prompt you from the very beginning. The entire process is piece of cake.

Due to the high number of available containers, you will be asked to choose among them and go further with your options. Right after you made your choice, it is possible to introduce any of the Fusion Builder elements. Everything from Alert, Blog, Button, Chart, Checklist, Code Block and many more can be employed and even customized upon your requirements. By this way, you have complete control over your website page’s appearance – which is definitely a win!

The modality in which Fusion Builder functions is quite interesting. This is the main reason why you can conceive your layouts as complex as possible. In addition, it is possible to add more containers, each one of them featuring column layouts that could be different from the others. Right from there, you can introduce even more elements to make your website impressive. With this, you can skip the limits imposed by the default WordPress Editor.

Even though there is no front-end to work directly on (and see your changes live), Avada makes it easy and quick to see your newly introduced elements with a preview button. With it, you can be always sure if the content is enough and whether or not you should work more on reducing or expanding the layouts – all without disturbing the original design whatsoever.

Last but not least from our list, Avada makes it to the top with the possibility of saving any page layouts within the template library. With it, you can use it further on the same website, but on different pages. This is definitely a nice touch, helping you save a lot of time instead of creating the page again from scratch. In a nutshell, you can take advantage of this feature to build up your professional website easier and faster.

Related information on the Post and Page Options

Fusion Builder is not the only related feature for content customization. In reality, you can take massive advantage of the Options Panel provided by the Avada in order to adjust and design how both your pages and posts look like. You can find it right within the WordPress post and page editor screen, placed right below the main editor area.

Within the post and page options presented in Fusion Options Panel, you can decide how your header would look like and even disable it completely. Moreover, it is possible to decide among the displayed sidebars (around the post or page). However, that’s not all – employing a background image (or not) is an additional option to weight in here, as well as maneuvering more settings which are truly impressive.

Since all of these choices are proprietary for each page or post, this is another fact showing how flexible Avada is as a theme. Let’s take the landing page, for instance. Due to the fact that it is basically the first and most important page on a website, getting rid of distractions is definitely a go for. We recommend letting the header and sidebar for other pages within your website. There will be simply numerous to employ.

Impressive Available Features

Making your website feature a great-looking appearance and turning it into a professional online presence is definitely a wish come true for most of website owners. However, finding the right colors, plugins and scheme takes time and effort. With a theme, you can basically save a lot of resources in a blink.
Among some of the best features Avada comes with, the following are worth noting:

• Retina Ready – helps any website obtain a crystal clear high-resolution screen, due to its technical specs that are compatible with Retina;
• Translation Ready – features a bunch of translation files which can translate the content into other languages;
• 5 Header Designs – prone to be used in different posts and pages. This includes text, icons, links and other two header designs that we leave for you to discover;
• Unlimited Color Options – it’s possible to change even the gradients nowadays, since the developers behind Avada included a backend color;
• Appealing Sliders – you can choose among various premium sliders, such as Revolution Slider, Elastic Slider, Layer Slider and Fusion Slider;
• Custom Widgets – totally useful from the very beginning, since they can be easily customized upon each user’s desires. All you have to do is to drag and drop them wherever you want;
• Auto Theme Updater – helps any user avoid the FTP or WP upload methods. This alternative is a better choice for keeping your theme up-to-date, with no problem whatsoever;
• Easy Peasy Customization Process – every theme has an advanced page options which can be employed to customize yours in the best possible way;
• Touch Enabled – it’s a feature that is most likely taken advantage of by mobile devices. You can now offer your visitors the possibility of navigating through various sliders with a single slide while being connected from their phones;
• Video Support – makes sure that you introduce both YouTube and Vimeo videos up on your website without much of a hassle.

These and many more are some of the best features that Avada takes care of when being employed on a website. Through them, you can make sure that your visitors are always engaged and spend quite a lot of time on your website.

User Documentation and Provided Support

One thing Avada is known for is its impressive support. According to their official considerations, they offer immediate support directly from the developers behind it. Basically, every single person who has been within the team who created Avada is right there to help you solve even the hardest problem.

In addition, it comes with a comprehensive user documentation which can be found right onto their website. Each material comes with step by step instructions that can be followed on a whim by every user. This way, you can find the necessary solutions without having to spend a lot of time doing so. Moreover, it covers also the plugins that are included within the Avada packages, so you will be always in the known of how various tools like that can be employed – a totally free training documentation to help you get going.

Customizing your website within Avada’s Control Panel

Fusion’s Options Panel is not the only method of customizing your website and turning it into a unique professional appearance. Within the theme options control panel, more options are made available to set up your website in the most flawless manner possible.

To get here, you must be on your WordPress dashboard and choose between the available tabs on the left side, the Fusion Builder. You will be prompted with its drop-down menu, including Layout, Responsive, Colors and many more. Right beneath it you should find Header with all of its sub-elements which can be customized upon your own requirements.
Unfortunately though, Avada has little to none support for the WordPress Customizer interface. This is why you will need to save your work and only after see how the website looks like, by re-loading it. Noticing them right away is not possible with this theme.

However, there are still available settings and options within the WordPress Customizer interface that you can take advantage of. Site Identity, Colors, Header Image, Background Image, Menus, Widgets, Homepage Settings and Additional CSS are just few of those that you can freely adjust in order to get the best out of it.
In case you are a newbie with WordPress and find working with most of its default features rather difficult, it’s recommended to spot your desired options and settings and employ them further. Some of these are those located within the front-end. This is indeed a nice retouch in avoiding the difficulties imposed by the back-end of your website.

Additional options and settings

Making your website flawless and totally exquisite seems to be Avada’s primary wish. Apart from the options and settings that we have already covered beforehand, mostly tackling over the posts and pages, there are still some options which are 100% useful. The custom post types of Avada are specially designed to generate a better contact with your target audience, through the portfolio and FAQ types. Each one of them comes with its own options package, together with a list of custom taxonomies. All of these are meant to provide any user with its necessary aspects to help him set up his website more efficiently.

To reach this point, let’s see how the Portfolio type is adjusted. After arriving at your WordPress dashboard, look for the PORTFOLIO tab on the left side of the screen and click on it. A list of all your posts within Portfolio will be listed, with all of their details.

Another feature offered by Avada is the possibility of setting up various sidebar areas. All of these are meant to be located in different places within our website, and further envisioned in a single or even more pages at once. If you set up multiple sidebars, you are ought to receive total control over the complete appearance and functionality, being able to adjust, add or remove the widgets which are being displayed next to your content type.

For a total eye-catching experience, you are granted access to two of the well-known and premium crafted plugins, LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution. Both of them are able to introduce animated slideshows with a single click, while catching all the necessary attention from your visitors. These being said, you are able to create the best appearance, while having an impressive amount of control over how your website looks like at the end. This is definitely a stunning advantage not all of the premium themes provide a user with.

Pro and cons

Up until now, we have already noticed that Avada comes pretty much packed up with every single requirement to help us get going. However, handling all of these elements in one day can be a little creepy and overwhelming. Newbies would definitely find it rather hard to cope with all of the available options, whereas the more advanced users would try and get stuck while trying to come up with the best design for their website.

Still, maintaining a plain and simple design seemed to be the key to success to many websites till date. Regardless of how impressive all of the features are, we cannot add all of them into a single website. That’s just way too much and neither functional nor practical for any of us – let alone the load times which are meant to rise up, while the bounce rate goes higher and higher.
This is why sticking to a simpler yet more elegant approach might actually be the desired strategy for the most exquisite result.

However, the large amount of features are not the only troublesome aspects offered by Avada. Apart from that, the customization options and settings are quite numerous as well. This is easily translated into a bunch of unnecessary aspects which might lead you to a rather lost path. Even so, not having them all available would not be the winning solution. Instead, try to decide among them and see which are the ones suitable for you, your website and nonetheless, your visitors.

Having a rather equilibrated strategy is the key to a successful website – and even business. By this way, you can deliver a website that can offer to its visitors the required information, as well as a high level of functionality right away. And that’s indeed what Avada wants for and from you.

Believe it or not, the high number of features and customizing options that is made available by a WordPress theme is not an Avada’s personal and unique characteristic. Various themes come up with this strategy, which in various ways leads to decision fatigue. Looking around for obtaining the best mix and match with regards to settings and options is, in fact, a limit that tends to affect every website user. However, it does not mean that you cannot overcome it, with a bit of time and effort to help you get going. The same applies for the numberless configuration options and layout choices, which are meant to turn every user into an overwhelmed WordPress enjoyer. In such a situation, being a capable and focused web designer definitely tends to decrease.
Still, nothing compares to a project that has a clear and neat idea over how it is supposed to look like at the end of the day. In case you already have everything noted down on a paper, you should have no problem in finding the best elements for a successful and extremely appealing website. And Avada can be there with you to support your aim.

Pricing Scheme

The Avada WordPress theme is available online on ThemeForest.net in various packages. The pricing table includes up to 5 options from which you can choose, that vary depending on price and features. In a nutshell, here’s what Avada has to offer:

• Standard package – starts at $19,99 per month and features up to 5 projects, 5GB of storage, unlimited users and up to 10 GB bandwidth. It seems to be the cheapest alternative offered on the market from Avada;
• Premium package – is available at only $29,99 per month and in comparison to the Standard package, supports up to 10 projects, provides the user with 15 GB of storage and 20 GB bandwidth;
• Professional package – costs $39,99 per month and adds 5 projects more to the Premium package (thus 15 projects), 15 GB more of storage (thus 30 GB) and 30 GB more of bandwidth (thus 50 GB of bandwidth);
• Maximum package – is available at $49,99 per month and provides you with 30 projects, 100 GB of storage and 150 GB of bandwidth;
• Extreme package – starts at $59,99 per month and offers you unlimited projects, storage, users and bandwidth. It’s definitely the best choice for any web owner.

Each package can have extended support for up to 12 months by paying an extra fee of $17.70. This is definitely not a big price to pay for a safer and up-to-date website.

General Overview

Avada is one of the most complete premium WordPress themes that is available on the market today. It comes with an impressive number and types of settings, features and options, as well as external premium plugins. You can take advantage of the world renowned LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution in a blink of an eye, having more than everything up in your hands.

Another important point that Avada definitely covers is the growing library of website demos. The team behind managed to have some prebuilt elements which are definitely worth it, from head to toe. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to set up your website and launch it in a bit.

From time to time, there might be no available demo for your specific website type or niche. It happens due to the fact that Avada cannot cover all of the possible situations (like neither any other premium WordPress theme can). However, the Fusion Builder page builder WordPress tool is useful enough to help you obtain the required design with some individual points which can be generated basically from scratch. In case you are looking forward for some page builders that do all the magic within the front-end, you can go for the available Divi theme [hyperlink].

Avada comes with an impressive and high-level demo content with flawless quality. Both the individual page templates and the documentation that is useful enough to help you get going are great features that are prone to put Avada on top on most of the premium WordPress themes available. From time to time, you might perceive it as an additional piece of software which makes sure that all of the elements, plugins, widgets and other features are up-to-date with everything. In addition, you can even introduce a wide selection of customization options which are prone to help you get the right combination in a blink!

Taken as a fact, Avada is one of the best premium WordPress themes to take into consideration and employ at least once in your website’s life. The experience of using it is totally ravishing, providing you with the possibility of seeing a different perspective – using a theme that is completely worth it. This is why we recommend to take every aspect into account before deciding whether or not to try it on your own.

Its features, options, settings and additional points are basically unlimited. This helps you set up everything for the big step, which implies switching from one theme to Avada.
It’s always a pleasure to find more about what it has to offer right onto the ThemeForest official website. There is the Avada demo site where you can basically see how it feels, as well as the total appearance that it provides any user with.

These being said, we have already managed to make up our minds. Have you too?

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