About Me

Hello there and welcome to SiteGuideNinja, the easiest WordPress resource site to follow for beginners. I’m Flavius and I’m here to provide you with the necessary information on how to start your own website.

At SiteGuideNinja, the main purpose is to offer easy-to-handle tutorials for anyone who is looking to set up his first website. Whether you’re a business, a blogger or a non-geeky one, you’re at the right place to find the answers.

Here’s a little about me:

Back in 2006, I founded my first website ever all for fun. It was filled with jokes and gags people would laugh at. As time went by, I started to deepen my knowledge over how websites work and in less than 3 years this became my only source of revenue. Starting with 2009, making money from building and maintaining websites is all I do till date.

I had over 100 websites, most of which I still own today.

Here is how the idea of SiteGuideNinja technically came across. One day, one of my family members asked me to set up his blog. It was a practice skills’ homework he had to do and required my help to sort that out. From that point on, few of my friends began to interfere with website inquiries for which I was the man of help. I even got a nickname – they would call me Website Ninja all the way, all the day. But helping each person individually wouldn’t take me to the outcome expected. I realised that the best way to give proper advice for a wider audience was through a real website. This could even go further, to people whom I don’t personally know but would definitely benefit from the information shared in here.

Thus, SiteGuideNinja got its name from my nickname. There’s no better description to fit what I’m good at – and what I’m ready to teach you.

Here’s a little about the website:

SiteGuideNinja is a fully-equipped, hands-on website that features relevant information on fundamentals of website creation. Here you will find everything you need to know in order to start a website from scratch using the best WordPress guides.

Since your website deserves the best, using our different comparisons between programs, hosts and plugins will lead you to the most suitable option. This is an effective shortcut used to help you save money by making the right choice from the very beginning.

SiteGuideNinja also features step-by-step posts on installations and optimizations. Up on the website you will find proper How-Tos on various plugins and themes from which you will learn how to set them up on your own site.

After having your website up, the proper theme installed, the most suitable plugins optimized and some interesting programs running, it’s time to start getting money. With the information found on SiteGuideNinja, monetizing your website will be only a matter of time. The same applies for growing your site to obtain a better ranking while using SEO tools.

If any question pops up your mind, you can find me here. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!